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MEED's unrivalled and independent editorial content provides the ideal environment in which to reach a valuable audience with your key marketing message.


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MEED - the Middle East Economic Digest - has been helping senior executives make informed business decisions in the region for more than 50 years. Through a variety of unique solutions, MEED helps you promote your brand to your key markets

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Supplements Calendar

MEED supplements cover many industry sectors and countries across the Middle East. Find the right supplement for your business and discover a wealth of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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Special Reports Calendar

MEED special reports are published weekly and encompass in-depth features, trends and data on issues affecting the region. Find the right special report for your business and discover a wealth of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

MEED Events

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Sponsoring a MEED Event

Sponsoring a MEED event is an effective way to generate quality leads for your organisation and enhance your profile in this dynamic, fast growing region.

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    Video coverage of MEED's Events

    Conference TV provides an overview of the core themes from MEED’s events. In video interviews with speakers we discuss their main points and the key trends in the sector, providing an insightful digest for senior personnel working in the industry.

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