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Iraq Latest

Turkish soldiers position an anti-aircraft gun

Turkey oil pipeline attacked Subscription

30 July 2015 | By

War in Syria continues to spill over into Turkey

Iraq oil

Leadership change at Iraq’s North Oil Company Subscription

30 July 2015 | By

Director-general is removed amid a corruption investigation

Turkey's Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

Ankara launches air strikes against Isis Subscription

26 July 2015 | By

Turkey joins international community as it carries out anti-Isis assaults in Syria and Iraq

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Misspent: Iraq’s finance minister (left) told international media the cushion of reserves had gone

Recovery undercut by falling oil Subscription

20 July 2015 | By

Low oil prices and the battle against Isis have rendered Iraq incapable of paying its debts to international oil companies, despite record export figures

F-16 jets: Part of a $1.3bn arms package to Egypt

First F-16 deliveries arrive in Iraq Subscription

14 July 2015 | By

US-trained Iraqi pilots land first batch of long-delayed warplanes at Al-Balad air base

Oil production

Iraq, Saudi Arabia and UAE hit record crude production Subscription

13 July 2015 | By

Increase in oil output comes as global demand declines

Oil and gas terminal

Saudi oil production hits all-time record Subscription

13 July 2015 | By

Opec report puts kingdom’s average daily output at 10.56 million barrels in June

KRG oil exports

Iraqi Kurdistan fails to keep to oil export agreement Subscription

6 July 2015 | By

Oil sales via Iraq’s state-owned marketing company sharply declined in June

Gas plant

Erbil downplays Dana Gas court ruling Subscription

6 July 2015 | By

UAE gas group claims victory in case on oil and gas production rights

Corruptioin perception and press freedom in Mena

Tackling the problem of corruption Subscription

1 July 2015 | By Dominc Dudley

The region’s policies to weed out malpractice and fraud are rarely seen as effective

More resources are needed to avert the humanitarian crisis in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq and cater to the needs of refugees in the long term

Underfunding threatens refugees and host countries Subscription

29 June 2015 | By

The $3.47bn funding gap could undermine most basic survival needs

Kurdistan Regional Government’s Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir

Interview: Rallying to combat Isis Subscription

16 June 2015 | By

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s Foreign Minister Falah Mustafa Bakir says more international support is needed for the Peshmerga fighting Isis. Florian Neuhof reports

Saudi Arabia army

MEED board report, June 2015 Subscription

15 June 2015 | By

Key events and trends in the region over the past month and their impact on the outlook for the Middle East and North Africa


Kurdistan oil development slows on payment delays Subscription

11 June 2015 | By

Oil field developer calls for consistent payment policy to restore confidence

Gas plant

Iraqi Kurdistan preparing to award gas processing facilities Subscription

11 June 2015 | By

Natural Resources Ministry says associated gas stream will be developed at Garmian block

Iraq oil exports hit record level

Iraq lowers oil production target Subscription

10 June 2015 | By

Oil ministry targeting output of up to 6 million barrels a day by 2020

Oil tanker

Iraq launches new crude export grade Subscription

10 June 2015 | By

Introduction Basra Heavy increases exports from southern oil fields

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Iraq+flag Haider+al-Abadi
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Special Report

Haider al-Abadi

Iraq: Economic fallout from jihadist advance Subscription

13 November 2014

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has taken on the leadership of Iraq at a critical time

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Gulf Projects Index

Gulf projects index

Gulf index boosted by Qatar activity Subscription

14 July 2015

Hamad International airport hangar expansion worth $300m among new Qatar projects announced

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