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News and analysis, tenders, contracts awarded, commentary and economic data from Algeria, Gaza/ West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen.


Yemen war

Yemen edges into famine say UN body Subscription Required

23 August 2015 | By Jennifer Aguinaldo

Latest escalation of violence could lead to starvation for one-fifth of population

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Gaza/ West Bank

Out of work: The unemployment rate in Gaza is above 40 per cent

Rebuilding will simulate growth Subscription Required

14 July 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

If pledged foreign aid is forthcoming and tax revenues continue to flow from Israel, the economies of the West Bank and Gaza should begin to recover in 2015

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Top 100 projects by country Q2 2015

Top projects by country, Q2 2015 Subscription Required

19 August 2015 | By Robert Jones

The biggest contract awards in the Middle East

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