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Gaza/ West Bank

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Out of work: The unemployment rate in Gaza is above 40 per cent

Rebuilding will simulate growth Subscription

14 July 2015 | By

If pledged foreign aid is forthcoming and tax revenues continue to flow from Israel, the economies of the West Bank and Gaza should begin to recover in 2015

Corruptioin perception and press freedom in Mena

Tackling the problem of corruption Subscription

1 July 2015 | By Dominc Dudley

The region’s policies to weed out malpractice and fraud are rarely seen as effective

Syrian war: The conflict is now in its third year

Diplomacy has few advocates in the Middle East Subscription

2 June 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

More than 100,000 lost their lives in 2014

Dead Sea

Jordan to move on Dead Sea Project Subscription

27 April 2015

Prequalification expected to begin in late 2015

Mahmoud Abbas

Palestinian Authority joins International Criminal Court Subscription

2 April 2015 | By

Authority was formally accepted as a member on 1 April

Government: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) is set to form a right-wing coalition

Economic revival to be delayed Subscription

31 March 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

The dire economic situation in the Palestinian territories could well lead to another bout of conflict, compounded by the potential emergence of a right-leaning cabinet in Israel

Gaza and West Bank

Gaza & West Bank: Slow growth dampens hope Subscription

31 March 2015

Agriculture could lead to thousands of new jobs

Cultivated area in Palestinian territories by governorate

Palestine looks to high-value crops Subscription

30 March 2015 | By James Gavin

Gaza’s farmers are looking to technology and strategic projects to revitalise an agriculture sector suffering from years of occupation

Rawabi planned city in the Palestinian Territories

Homes move up the Palestinian agenda Subscription

30 March 2015 | By James Gavin

The Palestinian Territories are to see new affordable housing projects come to fruition, despite the challenges developers have had to face getting the schemes off the ground

Mahmoud Abbas

US opposes Israel's tax freeze on Palestinians Subscription

6 January 2015 | By

Israel has stopped transfer of tax revenues in response to Palestinian bid to join the International Criminal Court

Protest: Riyadh reacted to the West’s handling of the Syrian crisis by refusing its seat in the UN Security Council

UN rejects Palestinian ‘solution’ Subscription

31 December 2014 | By

UN rejects resolution put forward by Palestinian Authority as US and Australia vote against

 given the rising volumes of passengers travelling on the Dubai Metro, the region is beginning to establish a track record that lenders and bankers could use to predict whether project finance debts can be repaid

The Middle East in 2030

10 December 2014 | By

Take part in MEED’s survey to identify the key trends that will shape the Middle East economy in 2030

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