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Jordan news and analysis, tenders, contracts awarded, commentary and economic data

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Country data

Iran 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012f 2013f 2014f
Nominal GDP ($bn) 22.0 23.8 26.4 28.9 31.0 33.9 36.5
GDP per capita ($) 3,757 3,987 4,326 4,618* 4,843 5,174 5,456
Real GDP growth (annual change, %) 7.2 5.5 2.3 2.6 2.7 3.3 3.5
Government revenue (% of GDP) 30.1 26.5 24.9 26.4 23.0 25.3 27.4
Government total expenditure (% of GDP) 34.4 35.0 30.4 33.2 31.2 30.6 31.8
Total government debt (gross, % of GDP) 60.2 64.8 67.1 70.7 80.2 87.7 91.3
Current account balance (% of GDP) -9.3 -3.3 -5.3 -12.0 -18.1 -11.0 -12.9
Value of oil imports 3.7 2.5 3.4 5.5 6.4 5.9 5.8
Value of oil exports 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Inflation (%) 13.9 -0.7 5.0 4.4 4.6 5.5 3.0
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Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database; Last updated: July 2014; *=Estimate

Jordan trends

Middle East contracts September 2014

Middle East contracts awarded: September 2014 Subscription

16 October 2014

Over $2bn of contracts awarded in September in the Middle East

Middle East contracts awarded August 2014

Middle East contracts awarded: August 2014 Subscription

14 October 2014

Over $3bn of contracts awarded in August in the Middle East

Jordan projects by sector and project status

Jordan pushes ahead with transport plans Subscription

1 October 2014

While airport and shipping projects flourish, finance issues plague rail development

Promising development: Amman is now studying a proposal to issue its first Islamic bond

Wider Middle East ripe for Islamic finance Subscription

18 September 2014 | By Richard Nield

Sharia-compliant banking has yet to take off across most of the Levant and North Africa. But growing support from governments could soon lead to a boom in demand

Jordan oil shale deposits

Amman to tackle energy security crisis with oil shale production Subscription

31 August 2014 | By

By 2020, the government expects oil shale to provide 14 per cent of Jordan’s energy requirements

Regional backing: King Abdullah’s GCC support means he can resist calls for reform from the West

Jordan's king plays a clever hand Subscription

14 August 2014 | By James Gavin

King Abdullah’s small political concessions have calmed domestic social unrest and have prevented Jordan from plunging into crisis

Aqaba port, Jordan

Amman advances with flagship projects Subscription

14 August 2014 | By Richard Nield

Jordan has made good progress with its ports and airports expansions, but its rail ambitions have gone unmet

According to government figures, Syrian refugees make up 13 per cent of Jordan’s population

Overseas funding supports economic recovery in Jordan Subscription

14 August 2014 | By Richard Nield

Despite the conflicts raging in neighbouring countries, Jordan has been able to revive its economy using external funding and monetary policy reform

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MEED comment


Energy key to Jordan’s security Subscription

21 August 2014 | By

Amman has been forced to buy expensive fuel oil to meet the shortfall in gas supplies


Lesson of Jordan’s renewables delay Subscription

24 July 2014 | By

Amman’s alternative energy setback could prove a valuable lesson for the country and the wider region

Renewable energy

Jordan sets model for renewables Subscription

12 June 2014

Amman has progressed with 12 solar projects, paving the way for other countries in the region to follow suit


Jordan closes in on autonomy Subscription

9 January 2014 | By

Amman has realised the need for energy independence and is making progress on renewable, nuclear and shale oil schemes

Ambition: Jordan is unwavering in its nuclear plans

Reviving the nuclear debate in Jordan Subscription

7 November 2013 | By

Amman’s persistence in pushing ahead with its programme shows nuclear power can still play a huge role in providing energy to the region

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Special reports

Amman, the capital of Jordan

Jordan: Wider unrest leaves fiscal recovery in balance

14 August 2014

Jordan’s fragile economy faces more challenges as fallout from Iraq conflict adds to pressure from the civil war in Syria

Region: Political stability a must to be able to go nuclear

Nuclear: Backing key to plans

7 August 2014

The highly regulated nature and requirements of the nuclear power industry means foreign support is key to the region’s ambitions

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Market presentations

Top 10 projects


Rank Project Name Sector Contract value ($m)
1 Karak Oil Shale Power Plant Power 2,500
2 The Red Sea Astrarium Construction 1,550
3 Port of Aqaba LPG Terminal Gas 800
4 Amman IPP3 Power 552
5 Attarat Um Ghudran Power Plant Power 540
6 Abdali Mall Construction 441
7 Saraya Aqaba: Phase 1: Jumeirah Al Qala'a & Qasr Al Aqaba Construction 350
8 Aqaba New Port: Grain Terminal Industrial 320
9 Royal University for Medical Sciences Construction 300
10 Tafila Wind Farm Power 280
Click through to the full data table on Jordan's biggest projects in construction
Click through to MEED's Q2 2014 Top 100 Projects report
Source: MEED Projects; Data compiled: September 2014; All projects are in execution


Jordan: Electric motors Subscription

9 October 2014 | By

Supply of electric motors

Jordan: Feed pump mechanical seals Subscription

9 October 2014 | By

Supply of boiler feed pump mechanical seals

Jordan: Out-door cameras Subscription

9 October 2014 | By

Integration of out-door anti-corrosion, explosion-proof cameras

Jordan: Wastewater treatment plant Subscription

7 October 2014 | By

Construction of a wastewater treatment plant

Jordan: Control cables and earthing conductors Subscription

4 October 2014 | By

Supply of power and multi-core control cables and earthing conductors

Jordan: OHTL insulators and fittings Subscription

4 October 2014 | By

Supply of insulators and fittings for overhead transmission lines (OHTL)

Jordan: Power cables Subscription

4 October 2014 | By

Supply of low-voltage power cables

Jordan: Engineering consultancy services Subscription

4 October 2014 | By

Provision of engineering consultancy services

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Project awards


Jordan signs fertiliser deal with Chinese group Subscription

17 September 2014 | By

State mining group plans to build $350m phosphates plant in Aqaba

First Solar wins Shams Maan photovoltaic plant contract

First Solar wins Jordan plant contract Subscription

6 August 2014 | By

US firm will build 52.5MW Shams Maan photovoltaic plant

Jordan signs agreements for initial renewables round Subscription

10 June 2014 | By

12 developers will build and operate photovoltaic power plants in Jordan

Drake & Scull wins contracts in Jordan Subscription

1 June 2014 | By

Work involves providing engineering services at Saraya Aqaba development

OHL selected for Jordan strategic reserves terminal Subscription

19 May 2014 | By

Spanish company OHL to build $165m petroleum products storage facility near Amman


Karak International Oil Subscription

Karak International Oil (KIO) is a Jordanian mining and oil shale processing company

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance logo

Housing Bank for Trade and Finance Subscription

The Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, established in 1973, is to provide housing finance in Jordan.

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