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Lebanon news and analysis, tenders, contracts awarded, commentary and economic data

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Lebanon_map_527x286px Lebanon+flag President_Michel_Suleiman
Selection process for new president is ongoing
Previous President Michel Suleiman

Lebanon country datafile
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Country data

Iran 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013f 2014f
Nominal GDP ($bn) 28.8 35.1 38.0 40.1 42.5 44.3 45.6
GDP per capita ($) 6.888 8.274 8.756 9.145 9.609 9.920 10.086
Real GDP growth (annual change, %) 9.1 10.3 8.0 2.0 1.5 1.0 1.0
Government revenue (% of GDP) 24.7 24.2 22.2 22.8 22.6 21.3 21.4
Government total expenditure (% of GDP) 34.7 32.3 29.7 28.7 31.3 30.7 32.9
Total government debt (gross, % of GDP) 163.1 145.6 138.4 133.9 135.7 139.7 147.6
Current account balance (% of GDP) -11.1 -12.6 -13.3 -15.7 -15.7 -16.2 -15.8
Value of oil imports 3.9 3.1 3.9 4.8 6.2 6.4 6.4
Value of oil exports 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Inflation (%) 10.8 1.2 5.1 7.2 5.9 3.2 2..0
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Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database; Last updated: July 2014; *=Estimate

Lebanon trends

Lebanon electricity supply and power and water projects

Lebanon faces power and water crisis Subscription

2 November 2014 | By James Gavin

With frequent power blackouts and growing water shortages, urgent investment in Lebanon’s outdated electricity and water supply networks is needed

Power and water

Region’s utility sector races to meet demand Subscription

30 October 2014 | By

With rapid population and industrial growth, the Middle East and North Africa is a key market for companies involved in the power and water sectors

Lebanon projects by sector and project status

Lebanon struggles to keep up project momentum Subscription

1 October 2014 | By James Gavin

Political problems are having a detrimental effect on investment in vital infrastructure

Promising development: Amman is now studying a proposal to issue its first Islamic bond

Wider Middle East ripe for Islamic finance Subscription

18 September 2014 | By Richard Nield

Sharia-compliant banking has yet to take off across most of the Levant and North Africa. But growing support from governments could soon lead to a boom in demand

Lebanon water demand

Beirut’s water supply challenge Subscription

1 September 2014 | By

Lebanon’s water supply is under increasing pressure as demand for potable water climbs higher. Beirut hopes new water transmission infrastructure plans will make up the shortfall

Lebanon tourist arrivals

Fresh turmoil thwarts economic recovery Subscription

23 July 2014 | By

With trade, tourism and agriculture growth succumbing to regional instability, Lebanon’s economy is being kept afloat by strong performance in the banking sector

Lebnanon construction activity

Property sector sees short-term gains in Lebanon Subscription

23 July 2014 | By

Signs of a recovery in Lebanon’s real estate and construction sectors may just be temporary as a new political vacuum is denting investor confidence

Threat: Isis claimed responsibility for a recent suicide bomb attack on a Beirut hotel

Power vacuum looks set to continue in Lebanon Subscription

23 July 2014 | By

External allies will play a vital role in reaching the compromise needed to appoint a new president. But escalating violence in the region may push Beirut’s power struggles to the backseat

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MEED comment

Aftermath: Shortly after the car bomb blast that killed Mohamad Chatah

Lebanon's moderate voices face extinction Subscription

31 December 2013

The assassination of Mohamad Chatah is said to be part of a strategy to sow division in moderate camps

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Special reports


Lebanon: Hopes for economic revival shattered Subscription

23 July 2014

What is urgently needed is a strong and unified leadership

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Top 10 projects


Rank Project Name Sector Contract value ($m)
1 Venus Towers Construction 500
2 Beirut Terraces Construction 460
3 Litani Water Project: Phase 1 Water 330
4 Waterfront City: Phase 1 Construction 225
5 Forty Four Construction 200
6 Summerland Kempinski Hotel Construction 155
7 3 Beirut Towers Construction 150
7 Sama Beirut Construction 150
9 Ciel et Jardin Construction 125
9 Gemmayzeh Village Construction 125
Click through to the full data table on Lebanon's biggest projects in construction
Click through to MEED's Q3 2014 Top 100 Projects report
Source: MEED Projects; Data compiled: November 2014; All projects in execution

Tenders & project awards

Lebanon: Steel products Subscription

5 December 2014 | By

Supply of steel products

Lebanon: Amino acid analyser Subscription

5 December 2014 | By

Supply of amino acid analyser

Lebanon: Water distribution network extension Subscription

26 November 2014 | By

Extension of water distribution networks

Lebanon: Road construction Subscription

25 November 2014 | By

Construction of phase 2 of a road

Lebanon: Road rehabilitation Subscription

24 November 2014 | By

Rehabilitation of Al-Midane Street

Lebanon: Distribution networks, pumping stations and reservoirs Subscription

12 November 2014 | By

Provision of distribution networks, pumping stations and reservoirs

Lebanon: Wastewater consultancy Subscription

4 November 2014 | By

Provision of consultancy services comprising a feasibility study for a wastewater project

Lebanon: Scholar cart updating Subscription

4 November 2014 | By

Updating scholar carts

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Batco Group Subscription

Batco is an engineering and contracting company active in construction of roads, infrastructure, water dams, solid waste and EPC projects

Conser Consulting Engineers Subscription

Conser Consulting Engineers provide consulting services across transportation, water, master planning and urban development along with architecture and mechanical and electrical engineering work

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Farid Chedid Subscription

7 January 2014

Farid Chedid is founder, chairman and CEO, Chedid Capital

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