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Lebanon news and analysis, tenders, contracts awarded, commentary and economic data

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Lebanon_map_527x286px Lebanon+flag President_Michel_Suleiman
President Michel Suleiman

Lebanon country datafile
Country overview
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Country data

Iran 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013f 2014f
Nominal GDP ($bn) 28.8 35.1 38.0 40.1 42.5 44.3 45.6
GDP per capita ($) 6.888 8.274 8.756 9.145 9.609 9.920 10.086
Real GDP growth (annual change, %) 9.1 10.3 8.0 2.0 1.5 1.0 1.0
Government revenue (% of GDP) 24.7 24.2 22.2 22.8 22.6 21.3 21.4
Government total expenditure (% of GDP) 34.7 32.3 29.7 28.7 31.3 30.7 32.9
Total government debt (gross, % of GDP) 163.1 145.6 138.4 133.9 135.7 139.7 147.6
Current account balance (% of GDP) -11.1 -12.6 -13.3 -15.7 -15.7 -16.2 -15.8
Value of oil imports 3.9 3.1 3.9 4.8 6.2 6.4 6.4
Value of oil exports 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Inflation (%) 10.8 1.2 5.1 7.2 5.9 3.2 2..0
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Source: International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database; Last updated: July 2014; *=Estimate

Lebanon trends

Lebanese parliament

Political vacuum risk to stability in Lebanon Subscription

26 May 2014 | By James Gavin

The delay in electing a new president threatens the fragile stability that prevails for now in Lebanon, and help from the international community looks unlikely


Lebanon’s new government ends 10-month political stalemate Subscription

20 February 2014 | By

Cabinet is split equally between the country’s two main factions

Judges hear evidence at the trial of those accused of the murder of Lebanon's former prime minister, Rafiq Harir

Hariri trial gets under way, heightening tensions in Beirut Subscription

19 January 2014 | By James Gavin

Nine years after the assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister, Rafiq Hariri, proceedings begin at The Hague

Deadly attack: The bombing killed at least 23 people

Beirut drawn further into Syria war Subscription

28 November 2013 | By

The bombing of the Iranian embassy in Beirut is not the first time the Syrian conflict has spilled over into Lebanon; calls for Hezbollah to drop its support for Al-Assad are increasing

Middle East and North Africa region Muslim population percentage

Religious pluralism amid restrictions Subscription

4 September 2013 | By

Growing sectarian tensions are further restricting the Middle East’s diverse religious groups

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MEED comment

Aftermath: Shortly after the car bomb blast that killed Mohamad Chatah

Lebanon's moderate voices face extinction Subscription

31 December 2013

The assassination of Mohamad Chatah is said to be part of a strategy to sow division in moderate camps

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Special reports


Lebanon: Hopes for economic revival shattered

23 July 2014

What is urgently needed is a strong and unified leadership

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Top 10 projects


Rank Project Name Sector Contract value ($m)
1 Beit Misk Construction 800
2 Deir al-Ammar Power Plant Expansion Power 500
2 Venus Towers Construction 500
4 Litani Water Project: Phase 1 Water 330
5 Waterfront City Construction 210
6 Upgrade of Beirut-Damascus Highway Transport 185
7 Pan Arab Highway Mdairej, Chtaura, Taanayel Transport 158
8 Summerland Kempinski Hotel Construction 155
9 Sama Dubai Construction 150
9 Beirut Towers Construction 150
Click through to the full data table on Lebanon's biggest projects in construction
Click through to MEED's Q1 2014 Top 100 Projects report
Source: MEED Projects; Data compiled: April 2014; All projects in execution

Tenders & project awards

Lebanon: Wastewater management works (65) Subscription

22 August 2014 | By

Carrying out civil works for comprehensive wastewater management

Lebanon: Wastewater management works (64) Subscription

22 August 2014 | By

Carrying out civil works for comprehensive wastewater management

Lebanon: Wastewater management works (63) Subscription

22 August 2014 | By

Carrying out civil works for comprehensive wastewater management

Lebanon: Capacity building project Subscription

9 August 2014 | By

Provision of technical assistance for capacity building

Lebanon: Castle development works Subscription

31 July 2014 | By

Rehabilitation and development of a castle

Lebanon: Wastewater consultancy Subscription

17 July 2014 | By

Provision of consultancy services for a wastewater treatment plant, sea outfall, pupmping and lift station project

Lebanon: Youth development Subscription

4 July 2014 | By

Provision of technical assistance for supporting youth development

Lebanon: ICT equipment Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

Supply of ICT equipment for a ministry

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Holcim logo

Holcim Liban Subscription

Established originally as the Societe des Ciments Libanais, the cement producer was one of Lenanon’s first modern industrial enterprises.

Solidere company

Lebanese Company for Reconstruction & Development Subscription

Launched in 1994 to reconstruct central Beirut, the Lebanese developer is expanding internationally

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Farid Chedid Subscription

7 January 2014

Farid Chedid is founder, chairman and CEO, Chedid Capital

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