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Country profile

Turkey+map Turkey+flag Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Country data

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014f 2015f
GDP growth (percentage change) 0.7 -4.8 9.2 8.8 2.2 4.3 2.3 3.1
GDP  ($bn) 730.6 614.4 731.5 774.7 788.0 827.2 767.1 820.9
GDP per capita ($) 10,277 8,527 10,021 10,476 10,523 10,815 9,920 10,504
Inflation (percentage change) 10.4 6.3 8.6 6.5 8.9 7.5 7.8 6.5
Unemployment rate (percentage) 10.9 14.0 11.9 9.8 9.2 9.7 10.2 10.6
Population (millions) 71.1 72.1 73.0 74.0 74.9 76.5 77.3 78.2
Government debt (percentage of GDP) 40.0 46.1 42.3 39.1 36.2 35.8 35.9 36.0
Current account balance (percentage of GDP) -5.5 -2.0 -6.2 -9.7 -6.2 -7.9 -6.3 -6.0
Source:  International Monetary Fund; f=Forecast

Turkey trends

Saadiyat Island St Regis Resort

Turning local hotel brands global Subscription

28 April 2014 | By

Local hotel brands are increasingly targeting overseas expansion after enjoying success in their home markets


Sanctions to dent Russia's economy

21 August 2014 | By

The Middle East could prove a useful ally for Russia as the country’s relations with the US and Europe deteriorate


Rabat digs deep to tackle domestic terrorism Subscription

20 August 2014 | By Paul Melly

With substantial numbers of Moroccans joining jihadist groups abroad, the government is wary of a blowback from these fighters returning home

Iraq phosphate deposits

Iraq struggles to mine a rich vein Subscription

4 August 2014 | By James Gavin

Insurgency casts shadow over one of the country’s brightest investment markets

At odds: Al-Hariri (left) and Al-Bahra have varied backing

Opposition looks to regain its voice in Syria Subscription

22 July 2014 | By James Gavin

The Syrian National Coalition has lost much of its influence in the face of a resurgent regime and the emergence of Isis. It is now up to its new president, Hadi al-Bahra, to reverse the body’s marginalisation

GCC overall awards

Growth continues in contract awards Subscription

17 July 2014 | By

Building projects and the UAE dominated contract awards in the first half of 2014

Jordan Municipal water sector

Timetable set out for Jordan's Red-Dead water project Subscription

17 July 2014 | By Bernadette Ballantyne

With Syrian refugees putting further pressure on water supplies in Jordan, the pilot phase of the long awaited Red Sea-Dead Sea water conveyance project is finally moving ahead

Riyadh keeps a close watch on Iraq Subscription

10 July 2014 | By James Gavin

Iraq is a battleground in the struggle for regional dominance between Riyadh and Tehran. But Saudi Arabia’s dwindling influence in the country has been highlighted by the advance of Isis


Region steps up airport investment Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

More than $40bn-worth of airport schemes are under way in the Middle East, with a further $48bn at the bid or design stage, as governments look to boost tourism and trade

New airport in Doha supports strong growth Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

The opening of Hamad International airport is a major milestone in the development of Qatar’s aviation industry and will support the rapid expansion of national carrier Qatar Airways

Company profiles

Yapi Merkezi logo

Yapı Merkezi Subscription

Yapi Merkezi was founded in 1965 in Turkey, it provides contracting services in the Middle East to the rail sector

TAV Construction logo

TAV Construction Subscription

Part of TAV Group and formed in 2003 to concentrate on airport construction and has won a number of major contracts in the Middle East

Agthia Group logo

Agthia Group Subscription

Abu Dhabi-based food services company Agthia Group was established in 2004

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