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Ambitious Qatar megaprojects surge ahead

Gas-rich Gulf state pushes ahead with multibillion-dollar infrastructure schemes

Executive summary

  • The world’s largest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), Qatar is experiencing a construction boom, with more than $220bn of projects planned or under way
  • Much of the country’s spending is driven by its need to prepare for the 2022 Fifa football World Cup, which will require 12 stadiums, 90,000 hotel rooms and the infrastructure to accommodate more than 400,000 fans
  • The focus of this report, the top 20 megaprojects by value in Qatar, have a combined value of $193.4bn, with $22.7bn-worth of work already awarded. This means that by value, around 87 per cent of the planned project spend is yet to be awarded
  • Between 2012 and 2020, there will be $117.5bn-worth of capital spend by the Qatari government on projects
  • The biggest sectors among the top megaprojects are transport and construction, with projects including the $45bn Lusail development and the $35bn Qatar Integrated Rail Project among the largest
  • This report analyses the major projects planned and under way, highlighting the largest sectors, most active owners and who is winning the work

MEED’s Qatar Megaprojects 2013 report examines the top 20 megaprojects in the country with analysis, timelines, key contacts and crucial data for each. The online data dashboard allows users to interrogate and analyse the megaprojects by value, sector, lead contractors and more.


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