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Arabian Hotel Investment Conference

The Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) is the region’s leading forum that brings together the key decision makers from the hotel investment industry.


While other Arab nations adopt firm stances on regional politics, Muscat is content to straddle the fence

Oman prepares to borrow to keep project programme on track Subscription Required

29 June 2015 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

Sultanate has more than $100bn-worth of schemes in the pipeline, but it needs banks and investors to finance at least part of this sum

Bollywood Parks Entry

Managing the delivery of Dubai Parks & Resorts Subscription Required

22 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

South Korea’s Samsung C&T is managing 27 contractors on the $2.9bn project

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Hotel Investment 2015 Subscription Required

29 April 2015 | By Dominc Dudley

Demand for rooms continues to grow

    Regional tourism

    Tourism: Shift in dynamics in the industry Subscription Required

    16 February 2015

    Conflict coupled with political and economic instability is changing the landscape of the region’s tourism industry

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      Yu Tao

      Stable countries key to long-term plans Subscription Required

      2 April 2015

      China State Construction planning to increase workforce in region if contracts come through

      Qatar projects update

      Qatar project awards to increase Subscription Required

      23 March 2015 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

      Around $30bn-worth of awards are expected to be made in 2015


      Airbnb and its rivals already list thousands of properties around the region

      Embracing the sharing economy Subscription Required

      By Dominic Dudley

      Gulf cities could benefit from the sharing economy, given their ambitious tourism targets


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