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Events by Country

Events in Dubai

Destination Dubai 2020

Destination Dubai 2020

Events in Qatar

Qatar Projects 2015

Qatar Projects Conference 2015

Detailing the plan to deliver Qatar’s National Vision 2030, a US$200bn project

Events in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Mega Transport & Infrastructure logo

Saudi Mega Transport & Infrastructure Projects 2015

Focus on the core sectors that are driving the massive growth in construction activity in Saudi Arabia

Events in Bahrain


Bahrain Energy & Infrastructure Forum 2015

Showcasing updates on the $46.8 bn worth of projects planned until 2030

Events in Egypt


Invest in Egypt 2014

Profiling investment opportunities in the infrastructure, real estate, housing, tourism, power, petrochemicals, financial services & retail sectors.

Lafarge Roundtable Briefing Series - Social Housing

Lafarge Roundtable Briefing Series 2014

Transport and Infrastructure in Egypt

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Video coverage of MEED's Events

Conference TV provides an overview of the core themes from MEED’s events. In video interviews with speakers we discuss their main points and the key trends in the sector, providing an insightful digest for senior personnel working in the industry.

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