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MEED VIP Networking Clubs

MEED Networking VIP Clubs are designed to enable industry leaders in specific sectors to meet in a relaxed business environment to discuss, learn, exchange ideas and network with key personnel from across their chosen industry.

  • Sector-led and location-specific, attendance at MEED Networking VIP Clubs is by invitation only.

  • All meetings operate under Chatham House rules to facilitate open and informative debate for those in attendance.

  • Meetings are typically scheduled over breakfast. Starting at 08.30 they are finished by 10.15 allowing participants to pursue their normal business activities.

  • Please contact Andrew Davies for sponsorship opportunities.

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Video coverage of MEED's Events

Conference TV provides an overview of the core themes from MEED’s events. In video interviews with speakers we discuss their main points and the key trends in the sector, providing an insightful digest for senior personnel working in the industry.


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