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Egypt in crisis



Cairo faces similar difficulties to Amman Subscription

27 January 2015

For developers and clients, Egypt’s wind and solar feed-in tariff programme is a learning curve, which will be shaped by dialogue and trial and error

Middle East contract awards December 2014

Middle East contracts awarded: December 2014 Subscription

7 January 2015

Over $6bn of contracts awarded in December in the Middle East

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

People to watch 2015 Subscription

5 January 2015

Twelve key figures who will shape the region’s economy in the coming year

Transition: Al-Sisi now faces the challenge of building up the institutional legitimacy of his rule

Projecting stability in Egypt Subscription

23 December 2014 | By David Butter

Cairo is sending out the message that Egypt is stable and ripe for new investment, but how secure is a state that relies so heavily on repression?

Egypt's economic profile

Resetting Egypt's clock Subscription

23 December 2014 | By

Cairo is promising to revitalise Egypt’s economy over the coming five years. Hanan Salem, first deputy minister for economic and financial policies, explains how

Egypt foreign direct investment and borrowing

Cairo attempts to woo investors Subscription

23 December 2014 | By

Egypt must convince international investors that the country is on the road to recovery if it is to attract funding for business expansion and planned infrastructure projects

Renewables just one element of Egypt's strategy

Renewables just one element of Egypt's strategy Subscription

1 December 2014 | By

Cairo recently launched 4,300MW direct proposal renewable energy programme

Egypt oil and gas balance

Israeli gas exports to Egypt look increasingly likely Subscription

23 October 2014 | By

Cairo’s failure to ease shortage makes Israeli gas an attractive option

National duty: Egyptians flocked to buy investment certificates for the Suez canal expansion

Suez projects to kick-start investment Subscription

16 October 2014 | By

Cairo’s plans to expand the Suez Canal are central to its economic vision for Egypt

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Egypt's President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi

Egypt’s need for stability could come at a high cost

22 December 2014 | By

Al-Sisi’s hardline approach could store up future problems

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