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Qatar World Cup 2022

Doha’s successful bid to host the 2022 Fifa football World Cup will trigger a huge investment programme as the Gulf state seeks to build stadium and associated infrastructure projects, such as the Doha Metro.

Qatar Special Reports


Qatar banking: State spending boosts banking sector

27 November 2014

Qatar’s financial services sector is finally feeling the benefit of Doha’s acceleration in infrastructure spending as it prepares to host the Fifa World Cup in 2022.

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    World Cup latest

    Qatar will keep 2022 World Cup

    Qatar will keep 2022 World Cup Subscription Required

    13 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    Report did not find enough evidence of corruption to justify revote

    Qatar hits back at 'baseless' World Cup 2022 corruption allegations Subscription Required

    15 June 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    Qatar’s World Cup organising committee says corruption allegations are attempt to prejudice investigation

    Fifa to complete probe of Qatar World Cup bid by 9 June Subscription Required

    3 June 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    New allegations of corruption heighten calls for re-vote to find new host country

    Fifa vice-president would back re-vote if corruption is proven Subscription Required

    2 June 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    Qatar rejects new reports of corruption related to its 2022 World Cup bid

    Qatar Fifa bid faces fresh corruption allegations Subscription Required

    1 June 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    Former Fifa official for Qatar allegedly paid millions to secure World Cup bid support

    Hilton signs management agreement for Pearl Qatar hotel Subscription Required

    20 May 2014 | By Richard Thompson

    World Cup 2022 and business demand in attracting growing investments in Qatar’s hotel sector

    Qatar overhauls labour rules governing migrant workers Subscription Required

    15 May 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    Amnesty International says Qatar’s new measures on labour rules are ‘missed opportunity’

    Qatar approaches project managers for three World Cup stadiums Subscription Required

    5 May 2014 | By Colin Foreman

    Consultancy role includes the flagship Lusail stadium

    Qatar announces record budget for 2014/15 fiscal year Subscription Required

    1 April 2014 | By Jeff Florian

    Bulk of new spending aimed at infrastructure and World Cup projects

    Qatar invites contractors to prequalify for long distance rail Subscription Required

    24 March 2014 | By Colin Foreman

    The railway lines will be part of the GCC rail network

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    Qatar World Cup: Designs for Lusail Stadium - side view

    Qatar World Cup doubts wiped away

    13 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    All Qatar’s efforts can now focus on World Cup preparations

    Observers: Qatar sent a 140-strong delegation to Brazil to learn from its World Cup successes and mistakes

    What Qatar can learn from Brazil World Cup Subscription Required

    10 July 2014 | By Mark Watts

    Brazil’s World Cup experiences can teach Qatar valuable lessons on how to host its event in 2022

    Getting ready: Qatar is preparing to host the 2022 World Cup by airing this year's games in specially built fan zones

    Qatar experiments ahead of hosting World Cup Subscription Required

    9 July 2014 | By Mark Watts

    The biggest challenge in hosting the 2022 Fifa World Cup in Qatar could be catering to thousands of football fans used to a less restrictive environment

    Qatar Fifa dispute

    Fifa dispute to breed distrust Subscription Required

    5 June 2014

    The conflict raging over Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 World Cup raises concerns that clients will treat foreign firms with suspicion


    Stadiums are the new focus in Qatar Subscription Required

    8 May 2014 | By Colin Foreman

    Contractors are now turning their attention to the 2022 World Cup stadium projects, although details of upcoming projects are still unclear

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    Qatar Events

    Qatar Projects 2015

    Qatar Projects Conference 2015

    Detailing the plan to deliver Qatar’s National Vision 2030, a US$200bn project

    World Cup latest


    Qatar will keep 2022 World Cup

    Qatar will keep 2022 World Cup Subscription Required

    13 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    Report did not find enough evidence of corruption to justify revote

    A Guide to Doing Business in Qatar


    MEED’s guide to doing business in Qatar Subscription Required

    5 June 2014 | By Richard Thompson

    It is an exciting time in the country’s development and there are very few places in the world changing as radically as Qatar

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    Research Report

    The Qatar Projects Report 2011-22

    13 March 2011

    A comprehensive guide for all those seeking opportunities in one of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

    Qatar Tourism 2022

    Gulf projects index

    Gulf projects market remains flat Subscription Required

    13 November 2014

    Gains by Oman and Kuwait cancelled out by losses in Iraq and Iran

    Qatar tourism - search results

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