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The Arab Uprisings

In scenes reminiscent of Eastern Europe during the fall of Communism 20 years ago, people are taking to the streets across the Arab world following the toppling of Tunisia's Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. MEED follows the action across the region.

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Political News from MEED


Saudi economic growth to slow in 2016 Subscription Required

2 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Government spending on infrastructure and defence is depleting reserves

Jordan to issue $1.5bn in bonds

Jordan to issue $1.5bn in bonds Subscription Required

1 June 2015 | By Philippa Wilkinson

US backing will lower interest rates

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

P5+1 powers agree on Iran sanctions snapback Subscription Required

1 June 2015 | By Mark Watts

Report claims countries have agreed on mechanism to punish potential nuclear violations

Sirte oilfields in Iraq

Libya says oilfields near Sirte under threat from Isis Subscription Required

31 May 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Officials request arms to fight the jihadist group

Egypt Cairo

IMF says Egypt needs new tax or spending measures Subscription Required

31 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Push comes after Cairo’s decision to delay capital gains tax

The scene after the mosque attack on 29 May 2015

Saudi Arabia mosque attack kills four Subscription Required

31 May 2015 | By Philippa Wilkinson

Shia mosque targeted in Isis attack

Construction workers

Workers rights campaigner prevented from speaking at MEED event Subscription Required

28 May 2015 | By Austyn Allison

Amnesty International expert denied entry to the UAE


Six Fifa officials arrested on corruption charges Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Swiss authorities say arrests in Zurich connected to planned World Cup in Qatar

Iraq's Shiite paramilitaries and members of Iraqi security forces gather in Nibai, in the Al-Anbar province on 26 May. The paramilitaries say they are taking charge of the campaign to drive Islamic State in Iraq and Syria from the province, giving the ope

Iraq launches campaign to retake Ramadi Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Mark Watts

Counter-offensive force includes government troops and Shia militias

Egypt construction

Oil prices unlikely to deter government visions

27 May 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Governments must continue to invest on social infrastructure 

Warplanes from Libya's official government attacked an oil tanker docked outside the city of Sirte on 24 May, wounding three people and setting the ship on fire, officials said

Libyan tribes meet in Cairo Subscription Required

26 May 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Oil tanker bombed near port city of Sirte

Governance in the Middle East

Cleaner reputation: Doha needs to demonstrate it is taking issues such as worker abuse seriously

Reputation own-goal Subscription Required

2 June 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Repairing Qatar’s battered image needs more than just spin doctors

Protesters in Bahrain after the suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia in May

Bahrain's revolution that never was Subscription Required

2 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Economy key to social stability as dependence on Saudi Arabia grows

Conflict fatalities in Mena region

The deadliest region in the world Subscription Required

1 June 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

The nature of war is changing in the Middle East and North Africa, with the death toll increasing day by day

Indian bank in Dubai

Remittances remain volatile Subscription Required

18 May 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Remittance flows began to grow again last year, but could be hit if oil prices stay low

Unfulfilled ambition: No progress at this construction site in Erbil

Reportage: Erbil, Iraq Subscription Required

10 May 2015 | By Florian Neuhof

After being dubbed the ‘New Dubai’ in the boom years, Erbil now faces a future dominated by the fight against terrorism

Saudi Arabia

Focus falls on Saudi Arabia's deputy crown prince Subscription Required

6 May 2015 | By Kevin Baxter

Prince Mohammed bin Salman is taking on a more powerful role in the kingdom

Forum: Buamim leads the delegation in Bratislava

Interview: Hamad Buamin, President and CEO, Dubai Chamber Subscription Required

5 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

The Czech and Slovak republics have been identified as target markets for trade with Dubai. Colin Foreman reports from Prague and Bratislava

Al-Naimi: The legendary oil minister may retire soon

Al-Naimi's succession challenge Subscription Required

30 April 2015 | By Kevin Baxter

Assistant oil minister and son of King Salman are now favourites to replace Saudi Arabia’s veteran oil minister

Abdelmalek al-Houthi

Yemen crisis – main players Subscription Required

22 April 2015 | By Mark Watts

A guide to the major actors in the ongoing Yemen conflict

Vision 2020: MEED Special Edition

The Middle East in the coming decade

While political reform, technology and China will be important factors shaping the region in 2020, the push to establish a sustainable, diversified economy will remain key to growth in the next 10 years

Vision 2020

Market Risk Report

The outlook for business in the Middle East

In the few weeks since the uprisings began, economists have been forced to revise their growth projections for the region

Read the full report

Country Profiles

Bahrain flag

Bahrain Country Profile Subscription Required

22 February 2011

Bahrain is a small island in the Gulf sea, located off the coast of Saudi Arabia. The country’s name means Two Seas in Arabic. It was the first of the GCC states to discover oil in 1932 and since then the kingdom of Bahrain has frequently led the region in economic development

Tunisia flag

Tunisia country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

Located on the coast of North Africa, almost half of Tunisia’s border is with the Mediterranean

New Libya flag

Libya country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

Libya is located on the northern coast of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea

Algeria flag

Algeria country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

The second largest country in Africa, the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali in the southwest, Mauritania and the Western Sahara in the west and Morocco in the northwest

Egypt flag

Egypt country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in North Africa and oversees the Suez Canal, which is a vital trade route in Middle East connecting the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea

Yemen flag

Yemen country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

Yemen was unified in 1990, precipitating a four-year struggle for power between the old parties of the north and south

Jordan - flag

Jordan Country Profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was founded by King Abdullah I after First World War It was ruled by his grandson, the late King Hussein, for 46 years until his death in 1999, when his son King Abdullah II assumed the throne

Oman flag

Oman country profile Subscription Required

3 January 2011

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, and is regarded as strategically important due to its position at the entrance to the Gulf

Syria flag

Syria country profile Subscription Required

14 November 2007

Syria is made up of a diverse range of religious and ethnic groups, the majority being Arab Sunni Muslims, but with minorities including Alawites, Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds.

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