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Hossam Abougabal

What next for Arabtec in Egypt? Subscription Required

By Hossam Abougabal

Arabtec and Egypt fail to agree on housing scheme

Mark Watts

Iran deal set to reach final hurdle after US approval Subscription Required

By Mark Watts

Fate of nuclear agreement lies with UN nuclear watchdog after Obama gathers required support from US Senate

Mark Watts

New discovery could alleviate Egypt gas crunch Subscription Required

By Mark Watts

Eni find improves outlook as country slides towards gas-importer status

Hossam Abougabal

Failure to deliver housing scheme could impact other projects Subscription Required

By Hossam Abougabal

The break down of the one million home project serves as an illustration of Egypt’s shortcomings

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Tehran in Iran

End of Iran sanctions possible by end of 2015, experts say Subscription Required

By Edmund O'Sullivan

Sanctions have cut Iran’s GDP by at least 30 per cent

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