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The supply chain in Qatar will continue to be tested this year as other more essential projects continue to be built, such as the main stadiums

Sharq Crossing delay good for Qatar

By Colin Foreman

Construction market already overheating as other more essential projects continue to be built

Saudi Arabia plays the long game

Saudi Arabia plays the long game

By Kevin Baxter

While there are worrying developments, reports on the demise of the kingdom’s oil sector are wildly exaggerated

gas flare

UAE gas crunch continues

By Mark Watts

Measures taken to curb energy consumption

Dubai in the UAE

Diversified Dubai drives ahead

By Colin Foreman

Emirate is tendering major projects despite oil price slump

Qatar makes hard decisions on petrochemicals

Qatar makes hard decisions

By Kevin Baxter

Cancelling the Al-Karaana petrochemicals project is a big decision, but sends an ominous warning to contractors

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Special Reports

King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud

Saudi Arabia: Testing times for 2015

22 January 2015

The kingdom is entering a pivotal year as it attempts to tackle global oil prices, the threat of terrorism and social unrest


    Supply and demand: Domestic gas consumption has outsripped production in recent years

    Abu Dhabi takes on gas deficit Subscription Required

    By Mark Watts

    The Shah project is providing a boost to gas availability in the UAE, but it is only part of its strategy

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    Ship: The Atwood Achiever began drilling in December

    Drilling reignites territorial dispute Subscription Required

    By Wil Crisp

    Oil exploration activity in the Western Sahara could bring renewed violence to the North African disputed territory, with a billion barrels of oil potentially at stake

    Samir Brikho, CEO, Amec Foster Wheeler

    Amec Foster Wheeler sets sights on Saudi Arabia Subscription Required

    By Kevin Baxter

    CEO of the newly formed company, Samir Brikho speaks to MEED

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