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Financing the Dubai boom

Investor confidence is growing, but Dubai still needs to close several finance deals to attract future funding for revived infrastructure plans

Dubai: Infrastructure requires new sources of funding

Race for Mecca metro deals

Competition for Mecca metro contracts heats up as Turkish firms dominate the field in the prequalification round

Sheikh Mohammed: Willing to end diplomatic dispute

Mending ties with Islamic Republic

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, has agreed to visit Iran in a sign of thawing relations between the states

Prince Bandar bin Sultan

New policy heralds leadership change

Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy change likely one of the main reasons for intelligence chief’s resignation

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Special Report


Qatar: Focus returns to stadium programme

16 April 2014, 10:13 GMT

It is a frustrating time for Doha


    Strategy: Dubai is seeking to use private-public partnerships and stock market listings to raise financing

    Dubai’s search for finance Subscription Required

    By Rebecca Spong

    Faced with a huge debt pile and risk-averse banks, the emirate is seeking new ways to fund its boom

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    Ambition: Bahrain is investing to ensure its oil and gas sector remains a cornerstone of its economy

    Manama’s future energy challenge Subscription Required

    By James Gavin

    The Gulf’s oldest oil producer is looking to make the most of a small endowment

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