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Dubai’s planned energy programme states that by 2030, 12 per cent of its power will come from coal

Can coal ever be clean?

By Robert Jones

Doubts emerge over carbon capture as UAE considers expanding on coal use

The Energy Ministry estimates that by 2020, about a quarter of the country's power will be generated by the nuclear sector, after the start-up of the nuclear reactor in Abu Dhabi in 2017

UAE shifts energy priorities

By Mark Watts

New Energy Ministry directorate designed to face changing landscape in global energy sector

Speculators have left Dubai's property market and, as a result, demand and prices have cooled

Dubai real estate market undergoes transition

By Colin Foreman

Evolution into a more mature market will bring new investors

Qatar gas

Al-Sejeel just a blip in Qatar's grand plan

By Kevin Baxter

Doha has a reputation for spending money on projects it believes in

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Qatar: GCC puts forward united front against Isis

24 September 2014

Isis represents a common, external threat, which has proved a timely reminder that the six states are strongest when they work together


    Stability: Speculators have left Dubai’s property market, following new legislation introduced at the end of 2013

    Dubai real estate market shows signs of maturity Subscription Required

    By Colin Foreman

    After 12 years of dramatic ups and downs, the property market is now moving towards sustainable growth

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    Maintaining peace: Security in Cairo has been increased, with tanks in the streets

    Egypt tense ahead of elections Subscription Required

    By Wil Crisp

    An uneasy atmosphere prevails across the country ahead of parliamentary polls set to take place before the end of the year.

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