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Egypt needs to work with international oil companies to fast-track projects to develop gas fields

Cairo looks for escape route

By Wil Crisp

Egypt is struggling to find a way to solve its escalating gas crisis

Al-Maktoum International airport, in Dubai

UK in front for world's largest airport

By Colin Foreman

New airport, not the Expo, is the largest Dubai construction scheme

Construction workers

Solving the Saudi labour crisis

By Kevin Baxter

Compromise is needed from both sides to achieve this difficult mission

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Special Reports


Banking: The GCC's 20 leading Islamic banks

18 September 2014

While sharia-compliant finance is flourishing in the GCC, the industry in the wider region has yet to live up to its potential


    Economic impact: Frequent power cuts are causing havoc for local businesses

    Tackling Egypt's gas crisis Subscription Required

    By Wil Crisp

    Cairo will have to tackle dysfunctional subsidies and resolve pricing disputes in order to shrink the shortage of gas

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    Fervour: Houthi supporters line a street in Sanaa, calling for a greater say in the make-up of the new government

    Yemen's ticking time bomb Subscription Required

    By Peter Salisbury

    Escalating protests by Houthi supporters and increasing activity by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula mean Yemen is facing the greatest threat to its stability since the 2011 uprising

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