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Saudi Aramco's Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia

Why GCC producers are happy to see oil fall

By Edmund O'Sullivan

The GCC’s oil producers will be the biggest winners from the 2014 oil price crash

Photovotaic solar power

Renewables can wait out low oil prices

By Philippa Wilkinson

In the long term, the strategic advantage of renewables will only increase

Dubai Marina

Robust Dubai can weather 2015 storm

By Colin Foreman

Challenging year ahead is not cause for worry yet

Aluminium industry

Saudisation challenge continues for Maaden

By Elizabeth Bains

Hiring local nationals at industrial sites has been slow


Cancellation of South Stream bodes well for Galsi

By Wil Crisp

Decision on the Italy-Algeria pipeline expected in May

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Special Reports


Saudi Arabia: Riyadh must maintain spending momentum

17 December 2014

The kingdom should plough ahead with plans to invest in social infrastructure despite falling oil prices


    Faced with an economic storm in 2015, Dubai’s response has been to plan for the long term

    Dubai adopts cautious stance Subscription Required

    By Colin Foreman

    Faced with an economic storm in 2015, the emirate’s response has been to plan for the long term

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    Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman of DP World

    Interview: Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chairman, DP World Subscription Required

    By Rebecca Spong

    International ports operator DP World is cementing itself as a global trade player with major plans for future growth, according to its chairman. Rebecca Spong reports

    The Wessal Bouregreg development in Rabat, in Morocco

    Revamping Morocco’s biggest cities Subscription Required

    By Dominc Dudley

    Channelled through investment fund Wessal Capital, billions of dollars in Gulf money is reshaping the centre of the cities of Rabat and Sale

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