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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan companies benefit from undervalued Yen

By Rebecca Spong

A depreciated Yen is not enough to boost Japan’s Middle East expansion

Dubai projects

Dubai takes on another mission impossible

By Colin Foreman

Softening real estate prices have created a new funding challenge

Gas power station

Saudi Arabia moves on power

By Andrew Roscoe

Progress with the Fadhili IPP shows Riyadh’s commitment to developing its own gas resources

No sign of slowdown in Oman oil investment

No slowdown in Oman oil investment

By Mark Watts

Oil production still profitable, but sustaining national budget is a concern amid lower crude prices

Saudi Arabia army

Running the risk of war

By Kevin Baxter

A joint Arab military force is a positive move, but could still lead to war

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Special Reports


Power & Water: Water security becomes more of a priority

13 April 2015

As populations continue to expand and climate change accelerates, the provision of water will only become harder for state utilities in the Middle East and North Africa region


    Largest defence budgets 2014

    Joint Arab force gains traction Subscription Required

    By Kevin Baxter

    Critics warn that a pan-Arab military force runs the risk of becoming a Sunni-led regional superpower unless properly governed

    Hinman: CH2M has become a nimbler organisation with a global view

    Protecting against a slowdown Subscription Required

    By Robert Jones

    CH2M Hill’s Jacque Hinman and Neil Reynolds explain how the engineering firm has rebranded and reorganised its business units to become a more focused organisation

    Saudi banking sector loan growth

    Lending slowdown concerns persist in Saudi Arabia Subscription Required

    By Rebecca Spong

    Banks begin posting first-quarter results

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    Shinzo Abe's economic policies have started to improve Japan’s competitiveness in the Middle East

    Depreciating yen lifts Japan's exports Subscription Required

    By Rebecca Spong

    Japanese companies are gaining a greater foothold in Middle East markets

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