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Knowledge Bank

MEED Databank links through to the latest Middle East industry and economic data.

MEED's People section provides brief biographies on Middle East executives. If you want your biography to be considered for inclusion, or to update your existing biography, please email Richard Thompson.

MEED's Company Profiles are a comprehensive overview of a number of Middle East businesses. Profiles provide details on a company's infrastructure and plans and highlight stories written by MEED on the company or the market within which it operates.

MEED's projects section looks at the top 100 projects in the region by value. Each profile has details on that project along with any stories on it written by MEED.

MEED's Top 100 Listed Companies section looks at companies listed on the stock exchanges around the region, listing them by market capitalisation. Many in the list also link through to our Company Profiles section, providing details on that organisation, along with any stories on it written by MEED.

MEED's Digital Library links through to MEED's online archive of past magazines and supplements.

MEED's Webinar programme presents the latest trends, plans and changes in the region’s industries and economies. Those listening live can ask questions of the presenter, plus subscribers can catch up with the seminars they have missed online.

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