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73. Rabigh Power Plant Expansion

Project Overview

With the kingdom's

electricity consumption growing at 5.5 per cent a year, Saudi Electricity Company has embarked on a major expansion of its Rabigh facilities. Comprising several phases, this includes 960MW of generating capacity being added in phase five, a further 2.8GW in phase six, and 720MW in phase seven.

Project Analysis

Electricity supply and power and water projects

Riyadh struggles to keep pace with demand Subscription Required

2 November 2014 | By James Gavin

Amid rising residential and industrial requirements for power and water, the kingdom is taking steps to boost capacity and curb excessive consumption

Key Facts

  • Client: Saudi Electricity Company

  • Sector: Power

  • Stage: Execution

  • Budget: $5.8bn

  • Completion date: Q2 2014

  • Location: Saudi Arabia

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