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56= Kuwait City Metropolitan Rapid Transit (Metro)

Project Overview

The scheme involves the construction of a

171km-long metro network with more than 60 stations along four lines running across Kuwait City.

Some 65 per cent of the network will be above ground on an elevated track. The project also includes an interchange station, electricity substations and maintenance workshops.

Company Profiles

Tabreed Subscription Required

18 June 2009 | By Elizabeth Bains

The district-cooling firm is preparing to extend its reach globally under a new chief executive officer.


Hashem al-Tabtabaei Subscription Required

Issue 19 13-19 May 2011

Hashem al-Tabtabaei is technical team director, Partnerships Technical Bureau

Abraham Akkawi Subscription Required

Issue 19 13-19 May 2011

Abraham Akkawi is partner and head of infrastructure and PPP advisory services, Ernst & Young

Joss Dare Subscription Required

Issue 7 18-24 February 2011

A leading lawyer in the region advising on public-private partnership projects

Samer Khoury Subscription Required

Issue 52 24-30 December 2010

A key player leading the development of the UAE’s construction industry

Key Facts

  • Client: Kuwait City Metropolitan Rapid Transit

  • Sector: Transport

  • Stage: Design

  • Budget: $7bn

  • Completion date: Q1 2017

  • Location: Kuwait

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