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28. New Doha International Airport

Project Overview

With the ongoing

expansion of Qatar Airways and the general growth in air traffic throughout the region, Qatar needs a far larger airport.

The new international airport is being built on a 22 sq km site just a few kilometres east of the city’s existing airport and will have six times as much capacity. When complete, it will be able to handle 50 million passengers a year, along with 2 million tonnes of cargo and 320,000 aircraft landings and take-offs.

The project will be developed in three phases, with 40 per cent of the work being carried out on land reclaimed from the sea.

Company Profiles

Qatar Fuel (Woqod) Subscription Required

Issue 21 20-26 May 2011 | By Tom Pepper

With a ready-made customer network, Woqod is poised to take advantage of Qatar’s economic development


Yusuf Akcayoglu

28 January 2014

Yusuf Akcayoglu is Middle East director, TAV Construction

Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Noaimi Subscription Required

23 April 2013

Abdulaziz Mohammed al-Noaimi is chairman of New Doha Port Project Steering Committee

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8 - 10 December 2015 | Major opportunities within the kingdom’s project pipeline and mega project programmes

Key Facts

  • Client: New Doha International Airport Steering Committee

  • Sector: Transport

  • Stage: Execution

  • Budget: $11.1bn

  • Completion date: Q1 2015

  • Location: Qatar

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