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32. Ruwais Refinery Expansion Project

Project Overview

Abu Dhabi Oil

Refining Company (Takreer) plans to expand production of the Ruwais refining complex by 400,000 barrels a day (b/d) to take it to more than 800,000 b/d.

The refinery will also be integrated with neighbouring petrochemicals complexes and supply up to 1.1 million tonnes a year of propylene to the nearby plastics complex run by Abu Dhabi Polymers Company (Borouge).

The project is divided into seven packages: a crude distillation unit, a residual fluid catalytic cracking complex, offsites and utilities, storage tanks, site preparation, non-process buildings and marine facilities.

Company Profiles

Dodsal EPC contracts 2009-13

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29 October 2013 | By Mark Watts

The conglomerate has plenty of potential to expand in the Middle East and North Africa

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