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MEED Gulf Projects Index

MEED’s Gulf Projects Index page displays premium content that is exclusive to paying subscribers. For access to Middle East economic data, news and analysis including Gulf Projects dating back to December 2004 – that is the total value of projects over $50m across the GCC, Iran and Iraq; SUBSCRIBE HERE.  The Index draws on the resources of the MEED Projects database (currently tracking more than $4.8 trillion worth of projects throughout the MENA region).

Latest Index

Gulf projects index

Iran drags down Gulf index Subscription Required

27 January 2015

Losses in UAE, Iraq and Iran wipe 0.5 per cent off regional projects index

Gulf Projects Index

Gulf projects index

Qatar the worst performer on Gulf index Subscription Required

20 January 2015

Qatar’s project market declines by 2.1 per cent after the scrapping of Al-Karaana project

Gulf projects index

Gulf index records modest growth Subscription Required

13 January 2015

Saudi Arabia’s projects market sees sole decline in region

Gulf Projects Index

Iran records biggest decline in five years Subscription Required

6 January 2015

Islamic Republic sees $15.8bn wiped off projects market

Value of projects planned or under way 22 December 2014

Gulf index falls on oil price volatility Subscription Required

23 December 2014

Qatar only country to see growth in value of projects market, as most other countries see declines

Gulf projects index

Iran decline pulls down Gulf index Subscription Required

18 December 2014

Islamic Republic’s fall in value cancels out growth in UAE, Oman and Kuwait

Gulf projects index

Little change as states remain cautious Subscription Required

11 December 2014

Governments are engaging in more strategic planning to counter the impact of falling oil prices

Value of projects planned or under way 2 Dec.jpg

Kuwait growth fails to lift Gulf index Subscription Required

4 December 2014

UAE records biggest decline in value of projects market since August

Gulf projects index

Qatar and UAE buoy Gulf index Subscription Required

27 November 2014

All other Gulf countries except Oman record declines in value

Gulf projects index

Kuwait expansion lifts Gulf index Subscription Required

20 November 2014

Oman and Bahrain also record significant growth in value of projects markets

Gulf projects index

Gulf projects market remains flat Subscription Required

13 November 2014

Gains by Oman and Kuwait cancelled out by losses in Iraq and Iran

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