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MEED Gulf Projects Index

MEED’s Gulf Projects Index page displays premium content that is exclusive to paying subscribers. For access to Middle East economic data, news and analysis including Gulf Projects dating back to December 2004 – that is the total value of projects over $50m across the GCC, Iran and Iraq; SUBSCRIBE HERE.  The Index draws on the resources of the MEED Projects database (currently tracking more than $4.8 trillion worth of projects throughout the MENA region).

Latest Index

Value of projects planned or under way 26 June 2015

Saudi Arabia drives decline on Gulf index Subscription Required

1 July 2015

Kingdom’s projects market records biggest fall in value since February

Gulf Projects Index

Value of projects planned or under way 12 June 2015

Gulf index holds steady on Bahrain rise Subscription Required

16 June 2015

Saudi Arabia and Oman also record gains in projects market value

Gulf projects index

Iraq drags down Gulf Projects Index Subscription Required

9 June 2015

Iraq, Qatar and Iran see significant falls in the values of their projects markets 

Gulf projects index

Gulf index approaches all-time high Subscription Required

1 June 2015

All six GCC states record growth with the exception of Qatar

Gulf projects index

Qatar and Kuwait boost Gulf index Subscription Required

26 May 2015

Saudi Arabia records sole decline in regional projects market

Gulf projects index

Saudi Arabia leads Gulf index recovery Subscription Required

18 May 2015

All countries record gains to bring projects market up by 0.7 per cent

Gulf projects index

Impact of GCC slowdown takes hold Subscription Required

12 May 2015

Bahrain makes the biggest gain, while Saudi Arabia’s market continues to fall

Gulf projects index

Iran jump struggles to lift Gulf index Subscription Required

4 May 2015

GCC slowdown cancels out gains in Islamic Republic

Gulf projects index

Saudi Arabia leads Gulf index rise Subscription Required

27 April 2015

Kingdom recovers lost ground on projects value, while most other markets struggle

Gulf projects index

Gulf index sees biggest fall in months Subscription Required

21 April 2015

Only three countries post expansions in value

Gulf projects index

Bahrain makes biggest gains Subscription Required

14 April 2015

Iran and Qatar also expand, but fail to lift Gulf Projects Index

Full Gulf Projects Index archive

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