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Analysis of the latest market trends in the Middle East.


Commercial bank branches in Mena region

A region lacking in banking access Subscription Required

28 September 2015

Populations in Middle East and North African countries would benefit from far more extensive branch networks

Maghreb foreign direct investment, 2014

Algeria lags behind on foreign investment Subscription Required

20 August 2015 | By Paul Melly

In the Maghreb, both Morocco and Tunisia outstrip Algeria when it comes to foreign direct investment

Corruptioin perception and press freedom in Mena

Tackling the problem of corruption Subscription Required

1 July 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

The region’s policies to weed out malpractice and fraud are rarely seen as effective

Middle East steel usage

Imports depress GCC steel prices Subscription Required

16 June 2015 | By Mark Watts

Reduced demand in China has steered its cheaper steel exports into the Middle East

Conflict fatalities in Mena region

The deadliest region in the world Subscription Required

1 June 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

The nature of war is changing in the Middle East and North Africa, with the death toll increasing day by day

Vehicles in use 2013

Open road for car manufacturers Subscription Required

26 May 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Vehicle sales are growing fast across the region, not least luxury brands

Indian bank in Dubai

Remittances remain volatile Subscription Required

18 May 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Remittance flows began to grow again last year, but could be hit if oil prices stay low

Major Middle East Gold Production

Region increases gold output Subscription Required

4 January 2015 | By Kevin Baxter

Saudi Arabia and Sudan lead growth in gold production


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