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Bahrain News and Analysis


GCC construction

GCC economic activity drops by 30 per cent Subscription Required

2 July 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Three data points show that markets fell during first half of 2015

Bahrain to receive military aid from Washington following four-year freeze

US set to resume aid to Bahrain Subscription Required

30 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Bahrain to receive military aid from Washington following four-year freeze

Bahrain airport

Bahrain gives airport bidders more time Subscription Required

24 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Major international consortiums have been invited to submit offers

GCC Projects forecast 2015

GCC contract awards down 21 per cent Subscription Required

22 June 2015 | By Robert Jones

Fall in awards highlights the uncertainty surrounding the projects market

Bahrain expects new line-up of projects

Bahrain plans major tourism project Subscription Required

21 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Government-backed tourism project expected to be developed in Bahrain

Bahrain protests

Bahrain opposition leader sentenced Subscription Required

17 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Bahrain’s opposition leader has been sentenced to four years in prison following his arrest in December 2014

Bahrain approves $3.5bn Alba expansion

Bahrain approves $3.5bn Alba expansion Subscription Required

14 June 2015 | By Kevin Baxter , Andrew Roscoe

Long-awaited scheme now expected to be tendered in 2016

Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain’s negative outlook affirmed Subscription Required

14 June 2015 | By Philippa Wilkinson

S&P concerned by increasing deficit

Bahrain airport

Bahrain to diversify economy through aviation Subscription Required

31 May 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The kingdom aims to become an aviation hub

Power plant

Alba plans new power plant Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

The project is part of the steel producer’s ambitious expansion plans

Sewage treatment

Bahrain prequalifies 10 for Tubli expansion Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

25 had submitted prequalification entries


Bahrain's Arcapita sells US retailer Subscription Required

24 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Investment firm has delivered $2.5bn in exit proceedings over past two years

Bahrain purchases residential units from local developer

Bahrain real estate threatened by economy Subscription Required

14 May 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Economic stability is threatened as Bahrain’s real estate sector starts to feel the impact of low oil prices

GCC officials adopt draft value-added tax agreement

GCC officials adopt draft VAT agreement Subscription Required

11 May 2015 | By Philippa Wilkinson

Progress towards introduction of sales tax


Corruptioin perception and press freedom in Mena

Tackling the problem of corruption Subscription Required

1 July 2015 | By Dominc Dudley

The region’s policies to weed out malpractice and fraud are rarely seen as effective

Middle East steel usage

Imports depress GCC steel prices Subscription Required

16 June 2015 | By Mark Watts

Reduced demand in China has steered its cheaper steel exports into the Middle East

Protesters in Bahrain after the suicide bomb attack on a Shia mosque in Saudi Arabia in May

Bahrain's revolution that never was Subscription Required

2 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Economy key to social stability as dependence on Saudi Arabia grows

Top 100 projects by sector Q1 2015

Biggest projects by country, Q1 2015 Subscription Required

14 May 2015 | By Robert Jones

The biggest contract awards listed by value

Masoud Ibrahim al-Hermi Subscription Required

13 April 2015

Masoud Ibrahim al-Hermi is president of the Bahrain Society of Engineers

Bahrain banking sector assets

Bahrain banking sector to come under pressure Subscription Required

2 March 2015 | By Rebecca Spong

Low oil price will do little to improve fortunes


Four years on, no resolution in Bahrain Subscription Required

10 February 2015 | By Wil Crisp , Hossam Abougabal

Low oil prices will make it harder for Manama to bring an end to civil unrest

Unrest: Protests continue to take place across Bahrain on a daily basis

Crackdown on opposition leaders in Bahrain Subscription Required

10 February 2015

Renewed civil unrest in the country

Anurag Bisaria Subscription Required

7 January 2015

Anurag Bisaria is CEO at Bahrain Steel


Impact of falling oil prices in Bahrain Subscription Required

17 December 2014

With its precarious public finances and restive Shia majority, out of all the GCC nations Bahrain is the most vulnerable to persistently low oil prices


Hossam Abougabal

Expansion illustrates Bahrain’s economic vision Subscription Required

4 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The airport could be the driver for Manama to reemerge as a favourable business environment

Andrew Roscoe 2

GCC neighbours support Bahrain’s infrastructure Subscription Required

2 June 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

Developing new wastewater infrastructure has become a critical problem for Manama

Colin Foreman

GCC contractors consider bumper Indian budget Subscription Required

5 March 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Competition may subside, but labour costs could increase


New vision for GCC construction workforce Subscription Required

22 February 2015 | By Sachin Kerur

Development of a regional policy for hiring workers is under discussion

Oil prices

Oil price decline hits Gulf credit ratings Subscription Required

10 February 2015 | By Rebecca Spong

Prudent fiscal policies required to ensure stable government finances

The crackdown by Bahrain's government has increased anger among those calling for reform and demonstrators have continued to take to the streets

Manama faces reduced options Subscription Required

10 February 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Declining government income will make it harder to contain unrest

Saudi Aramco's Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia

Masters of the new world energy order Subscription Required

18 January 2015 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

The GCC, the worlds’ biggest energy exporter, and the US, the world’s largest energy consumer are emerging as leaders in a new world energy order

Saudi Aramco's Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia

Why GCC producers are happy to see oil fall Subscription Required

18 December 2014 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

The GCC’s oil producers will be the biggest winners from the 2014 oil price crash

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