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Kuwait News and Analysis


Gas terminal

Kuwait prequalifies 13 for gas terminal Subscription Required

23 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Four contractors failed to qualify for the tender

Al-Zour in the Divided Zone

Saudi Chevron to stop production from its Wafra field Subscription Required

22 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Operations are set to cease in May due to an ongoing dispute between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia

 Kuwait considers changing tax rates

Kuwait considers changing tax rates Subscription Required

21 April 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

Ministry considering advice from international financial institutions

Oil field

Kuwait discovers four new oil fields Subscription Required

20 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Fields are located in the north and west of Kuwait

Yemen conflict

Kuwait oil institutions remain on alert Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Higher security is a response to the conflict in Yemen

Burning refinery

Fire breaks out at Kuwait’s Mina Abdulla refinery Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

State downstream operator says operational rates are still high

Oil well

Petrofac bids low on Kuwait manifold project Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

UK-based firm submits price of $776m


Kuwait manifold bid deadline extended Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Contractors are told they have until 24 May to submit prices


Fourth gas train yet to reach target production Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Kuwaiti official says the unit at Mina al-Ahmadi is not yet fully operational


Kuwait to retender Al-Zour tankage package Subscription Required

16 April 2015 | By Wil Crisp

State downstream operator believes contractors could not justify high prices


Estimated Hydrocarbons production of top three producers

US remained world’s top oil and gas producer in 2014 Subscription Required

9 April 2015 | By Mark Watts

America is also top petroleum liquids producer after overtaking Saudi Arabia in 2013

Ayad al-Homoud Subscription Required

1 April 2015

Ayad al-Homoud is Chairman of the Kuwait Society of Engineers

Kuwait oil company contract awards 2014

Kuwait Oil Company awards $8.6bn in 2014 Subscription Required

2 February 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Contract awards see a 95 per cent increase

Bob Hope Subscription Required

25 January 2015

Bob Hope is CEO of SSH

Mohammad Ghazi al-Mutairi Subscription Required

22 January 2015

Mohammad Ghazi al-Mutairi is CEO, Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait oil and gas contract awards

Record oil and gas contract awards expected in Kuwait Subscription Required

6 January 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Project contracts worth $21.5bn due to be awarded over 2015

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

People to watch 2015 Subscription Required

5 January 2015

Twelve key figures who will shape the region’s economy in the coming year


Impact of falling oil prices on Kuwait Subscription Required

17 December 2014

Kuwait’s low budget breakeven price of $52.3 a barrel and its hefty sovereign wealth fund makes it the best prepared out of any Gulf nation to face a prolonged period of depressed oil prices, according to Moody’s Investors Service

Oil, gas and chemical awards in the GCC

GCC oil and gas spending hits four-year high in 2014 Subscription Required

15 December 2014 | By Mark Watts

Kuwait leads spending as Saudi Arabia has weakest year for contracts since 2004

WTI spot price

Riding out low oil prices Subscription Required

4 December 2014 | By Wil Crisp

GCC nations brace for budget deficits as Opec offers no oil price support



Kuwait’s Al-Zour refinery negotiations at a critical juncture Subscription Required

31 March 2015 | By Wil Crisp

KNPC to decide on possible re-tender


Kuwait's Al-Zour refinery in danger of stalling Subscription Required

11 March 2015 | By Wil Crisp

Any new delays to the refinery project must be avoided

The majority of the labourers working on the GCC’s construction sites come from India and other subcontinent countries

GCC contractors consider bumper Indian budget Subscription Required

5 March 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Competition may subside, but labour costs could increase

Kuwait needs to move fast if its plans are to be taken seriously

Second time lucky for Kuwait Subscription Required

24 February 2015 | By Elizabeth Bains

New five-year development plan includes many old projects


New vision for GCC construction workforce Subscription Required

22 February 2015 | By Sachin Kerur

Development of a regional policy for hiring workers is under discussion


Kuwait must deliver on PPP programme Subscription Required

10 February 2015 | By Andrew Roscoe

Little progress made in the six years since the country established a public-private partnership body to develop major infrastructure projects

Saudi Aramco's Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia

Masters of the new world energy order Subscription Required

18 January 2015 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

The GCC, the worlds’ biggest energy exporter, and the US, the world’s largest energy consumer are emerging as leaders in a new world energy order

Saudi Aramco's Khurais oil field in Saudi Arabia

Why GCC producers are happy to see oil fall Subscription Required

18 December 2014 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

The GCC’s oil producers will be the biggest winners from the 2014 oil price crash

Opec secretary-general Abdullah al-Badri

Opec sets the tone for 2015

15 December 2014 | By Richard Thompson

Regional producers are not about to cut oil production and the assumptions that have underpinned forecasting in recent years have to be revisited

Oil gathering centre

Much at stake in the Divided Zone Subscription Required

4 December 2014 | By Wil Crisp

Concerns increase as the land dispute between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia derails another project

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