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Construction News & Analysis


Hossam Abougabal

What next for Arabtec in Egypt?

3 September 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Arabtec and Egypt fail to agree on housing scheme

Hossam Abougabal

Failure to deliver housing scheme could impact other projects Subscription Required

1 September 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The break down of the one million home project serves as an illustration of Egypt’s shortcomings

Hossam Abougabal

Abu Rawash PPP could set new precedent for Egypt Subscription Required

25 August 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The project could show investors that Egypt is willing to work with the private sector on major infrastructure projects

Colin Foreman

Kuwait catches up in 2015 Subscription Required

11 August 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Awards that should have been made in 2014 are being made this year

Hossam Abougabal

Suez Canal offers promises not solutions   Subscription Required

30 July 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Focus on developing the Suez Canal corridor part of long-term plans with no immediate economic impact expected

Colin Foreman

The fog over Dubai's construction sector Subscription Required

28 July 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Emaar award is a sign that clients are ready to award contracts again

Colin Foreman

Second half excitement for Saudi stadiums Subscription Required

8 July 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Progress has been disappointing in the first half of the year

Colin Foreman

Mixed signals for Dubai construction Subscription Required

25 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

High hopes for the second half of 2015

Hossam Abougabal

Funding disputes continue to haunt Egypt’s plans Subscription Required

25 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

Egypt’s Capital City cancellation could prove detrimental

Colin Foreman

UAE construction nerves divide opinion Subscription Required

23 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Confidence has been knocked by falling oil prices and oversupplied real estate this year

Richard Thompson

MEED Video Board Report, June 2015 Subscription Required

18 June 2015 | By Richard Thompson

The outlook for oil prices, a slowdown in GCC projects and rising security concerns

Colin Foreman

Changing the status quo of Saudi construction Subscription Required

9 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Saudi Aramco’s setting up of a new project management company looks set to change the status quo of the kingdom’s construction industry

Hossam Abougabal

Expansion illustrates Bahrain’s economic vision Subscription Required

4 June 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The airport could be the driver for Manama to reemerge as a favourable business environment

Colin Foreman

Time favours Russia, but not Qatar Subscription Required

3 June 2015 | By Colin Foreman

A rebid held in 2017 would give new host enough time to prepare for 2022

Colin Foreman

Oil price drop stress tests GCC projects Subscription Required

26 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

There are long term positives to the slowdown

Hossam Abougabal

Breakdown of Egypt-Arabtec deal costly for everyone Subscription Required

26 May 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The military is asserting itself in Egypt’s construction sector

Hossam Abougabal

Suez Canal area encouraged by investment laws Subscription Required

21 May 2015 | By Hossam Abougabal

The waterway expansion and development of the surrounding area could transform Egypt’s economy

Doha in Qatar

Construction is risky business in Qatar Subscription Required

19 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Aecom encounters “delivery challenges” as industry braces for surge in disputes

To control its spiralling costs and return to profitability, Arabtec will need the best people

People are the problem for Arabtec Subscription Required

21 April 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Board and senior management changes take their toll on Dubai contractor


UK plays increasing role in Dubai aviation Subscription Required

19 April 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Government funding support is creating opportunities for UK businesses

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