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Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud called the return of the ambassadors “the start of a new phase of consensus” among Arab nations

Gulf ambassadors return to Qatar

20 November 2014

Differing views on political Islam remain as the GCC enters new phase of consensus

While other Arab nations adopt firm stances on regional politics, Muscat is content to straddle the fence

Oman remains on the sidelines

6 November 2014

While other Arab nations adopt firm stances on regional politics, Muscat is content to straddle the fence

Tunisia’s election success has made it a symbol of what revolution can achieve

From revolution to democracy

6 November 2014

Tunisia’s success has made it a symbol of what revolution can achieve

Suez Canal

Egypt seeks to revamp its reputation

16 October 2014 | By Rebecca Spong

Suez Canal projects are playing a symbolic role in kick-starting the Egyptian economy

In the ongoing diplomatic squabble between Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain on one side and Qatar on the other, Kuwait is playing peacemaker

Kuwait sticks to the middle ground

16 October 2014 | By Austyn Allison

In both GCC and wider regional disputes, Kuwait is content to remain a peacemaker

Increased public investment in infrastructure could put the region’s economy back on track, according to the IMF

Infrastructure spending could revive economies

9 October 2014 | By Rebecca Spong

Middle East and North Africa growth forecasts revised downward by IMF

Morocco can revive region’s renewable energy hopes

Morocco can revive region’s renewable energy hopes

2 October 2014 | By Andrew Roscoe

There has been years of talk with little action

Oil prices

Hard economics overtakes geopolitics for oil

2 October 2014 | By Kevin Baxter

Oil prices could stay below $100 a barrel for some time

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes

2 October 2014 | By James Gavin

Kingdom’s discomfort is clearly evident


Saad al-Muhannadi, president of Qatar Foundation

Interview: Qatar Foundation's president on the plan for the next 20 years Subscription Required

19 November 2014 | By Elizabeth Bains

The organisation is reviewing its achievements after two decades of rapid expansion, says its president, Saad al-Muhannadi

Global gender gap ranking

Region struggles to shrink gender gap Subscription Required

12 November 2014 | By Paul Melly

The Middle East and North Africa region lags behind all other regions when it comes to female empowerment

WEF Think Tank launch

World Economic Forum launches global think-tank Subscription Required

11 November 2014 | By Lara Golden

Think-tank communities becoming increasingly important element of global policymaking

Sucessful election: The country’s high standards of education could have contributed to its quick transition

Still springtime in Tunisia Subscription Required

6 November 2014 | By Wil Crisp

Tunisia’s fragile democratic transition proves democracy can follow revolution

Nidaa Tounis supporters celebrate the parties election victory

Secularists triumph in Tunisia’s landmark vote Subscription Required

30 October 2014 | By Wil Crisp

Another hurdle has been cleared in Tunisia’s journey to democracy, but the future is still uncertain

IMF real GDP growth forecast 2015-19 percentage

Oil price slump tests forecasters Subscription Required

21 October 2014 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

Political upheaval and uncertain oil price trends make predicting economic growth challenging

Lama Qussas

Nurturing Palestine’s young talent Subscription Required

16 October 2014 | By Richard Thompson

In response to high levels of youth unemployment and the growing influence of radical Islam, the Palestinian Authority wants to encourage innovation among young Palestinians

National duty: Egyptians flocked to buy investment certificates for the Suez canal expansion

Suez projects to kick-start investment Subscription Required

16 October 2014 | By Rebecca Spong

Cairo’s plans to expand the Suez Canal are central to its economic vision for Egypt

Complex: If Turkish troops push into Syria without UN backing, it will be a test of international law

Turkey joins coalition against Isis Subscription Required

10 October 2014 | By Dominic Dudley

There are risks in every direction for Ankara as it prepares to join the fight against Isis

Rallying support: Yemenis watch Abdelmalek al-Houthi give a speech in central Sanna on 23 September

Houthis make bold advance Subscription Required

7 October 2014 | By Peter Salisbury

The rebel group has extended its influence across the country, fearless of retribution from the state, and do not intend to withdraw any time soon

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