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Thales wins Oman airports security contract

Thales wins Oman airports security contract Subscription Required

1 September 2015 | By Jennifer Aguinaldo

Firm will deploy security solutions at Muscat International and Salalah airports

No voting rights for Etisalat’s foreign shareholders

Etisalat shares respond positively to corporate amendment Subscription Required

20 August 2015 | By Joanna Justin

Non-UAE investors will be allowed to own up to 20 per cent of shares

Network cable with fibre optics

Qatar sets precedent for high-speed mobile internet Subscription Required

11 August 2015 | By Jennifer Aguinaldo

Major upgrade will allow theoretical data transfer rate of up to 375 mbps

Fixed telephone

UAE fixed-line market opens up Subscription Required

6 August 2015 | By Jennifer Aguinaldo

Nationwide competition for fixed-line between Etisalat and Du commenced in July

Building information modelling

Kuwait Public Works Ministry to implement BIM Subscription Required

4 August 2015 | By Jennifer Aguinaldo

Tender open to all companies specialising in modelling and registered with central IT authority

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