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Oman Projects Forum 2015

26-28 October 2015 | Reviewing Oman’s project market and upcoming opportunities

Oman Projects Forum 2015 is the largest gathering of decision makers from across the infrastructure and energy sectors including government representatives, developers, and consultants, offering you the opportunity to showcase your company’s abilities, develop new business contacts and maintain market share through gaining first-hand knowledge on upcoming projects and industry trends.

Highlighting major developments across the Sultanate, valued at $87 billion for implementation within your long term business strategy, the conference allows you to stay ahead of the curve and align your organisation with leading project owners.
The event will provide positioning to an engaged audience as a thought leader and profile your speaker as the industry expert, enabling debate to maximise brand recall.

What’s new for 2015

  • Gain insight on 80% of Oman’s mega projects- Hear from major clients and client consultants as they discuss their long-term priorities and revised expenditures amidst the falling oil prices to help you plan your long-term business strategy
  • Find out the updated scope and scale of opportunities across the infrastructure and energy sectors so you can understand the scale and scope of the projects to be awarded
  • Additional networking opportunities through innovative conference formats - meet new prospects and maintain market share with key clients driving the Sultanate’s projects market

“I enjoyed the forum it was very informative and we got ample opportunity to network with participating organizations”
Dr. Naeema Aziz, Chief Operating Officer, Apex Projects Development


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