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Issue : July 2005

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  • Yemeni cleric sentenced to maximum US jail termSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    A US federal judge sentenced a Yemeni cleric and his accomplice convicted of terrorist offences to the maximum jail term of 75 years on 28 July. Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hassan al-Moayad and his assistant Mohammed Zayed were charged with channelling funds to Al-Qaeda and Hamas. Al-Moayad was also fined $1.25 million. They were arrested in Frankfurt in January 2003.'Those who finance terrorist attacks, and rejoice in the murder of innocent victims, are no different from those ...

  • Sharon slams Damascus for supporting terrorismSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon criticised Damascus on 28 July for allegedly harbouring terrorist organisations. 'Syria continues to be the headquarters of the most dangerous Islamist organisations - Hamas and Islamic Jihad,' Sharon said in an interview with France 3 television. 'The orders come from there. Their training takes place on Syrian territory and at the same time Syrians have not given up their will to control Lebanon,' he said. Sharon claimed that there were still ...

  • EU fisherman return to Moroccan watersSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    EU fisherman will be allowed to fish in Moroccan waters thanks to a new accord signed by the EU and Rabat on 28 July. 'After four days of intense negotiations, our respective delegations have achieved the conclusion of the negotiation process with the initialling of a partnership fisheries agreement,' EU fisheries commissioner Joe Borg said. European fishermen have not been allowed in Moroccan waters since 1999. 'The result is certainly a positive development in our bilateral relations, ...

  • Nour to stand in presidential electionSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Egyptian opposition leader Ayman Nour applied on 29 July to stand against President Mubarak in September elections. Nour, who heads the Al-Ghad party, said he hoped his early application would mean his name appeared above Mubarak's at the top of the ballot paper. He is the president's most prominent opponent but commentators said he has little chance of winning. Nour is on trial for forging party registration documents, a charge he denies. Court hearings will resume in 25 September ...

  • Home of Iranian lawyer raidedSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Iranian police raided the home of the lawyer for jailed journalist Akbar Ganji on 28 July. Officials from the Tehran prosecutor's office searched the home of Abdul Fatah Soltani. Soltani's client Ganji is reportedly gravely ill after 48 days on hunger strike and his family says he has lost 25 kilogrammes in weight. Ganji has become a focal point for Iranian dissidents and reformers. He was jailed five years ago for connecting senior officials with a string of political assassinations.

  • Israeli soldiers to disobey Gaza withdrawal ordersSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Thousands of Israeli troops plan to disobey orders in order to disrupt Tel Aviv's withdrawal from Gaza, settler leader Noam Livnat said on 29 July. He said that up to 20,000 soldiers have signed a petition not to remove Israeli settlers. 'I expect thousands of soldiers to do their work inappropriately,' Livnat said. 'When the time comes, soldiers will go on the mission but they won't do it right, they will fail to do what they are supposed to do.' The petition states: 'We identify ...

  • Iraq is the font of international terrorismSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Iraq is now the global centre for international terrorism, said Al-Qaeda expert Rohan Gunaratna on 29 July. 'Like Afghanistan produced the last generation of terrorists, Iraq will produce the next generation,' he said. Islamic militants from more than 30 nations have fought in Iraq since the US-led invasion in March 2003 and many will return home with urban terrorism skills, Gunaratna said. 'When they come back, they will have certain capabilities, certain knowledge and the threat ...

  • Kurds want control of northern oil fieldsSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    Iraqi Kurds are seeking control of northern oil resources in talks on a federal constitution, Planning Minister Barham Saleh said on 29 July. Saleh, who is a leading Kurdish politician, said centralised control of the economy has proved a failure. 'The federal structure should guarantee balanced development. One of the vices of the oppressive central system is unjust distribution of wealth and resources,' he said. 'Go to Amara in the south, which is an important source of oil, and ...

  • Calming the marketSubscription

    News29 July, 2005

    In Saudi Arabia, people fought in the street for share application forms. In the UAE, one issue was oversubscribed 800 times. In Oman, a quarter of the population bought into the latest share offering. Initial public offerings (IPOs) are the flavour of the month in the Gulf.

  • Bourse of choiceSubscription

    News29 July, 2005


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