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MEED Insight

Market Expertise with added value

MEED Insight, the research and consultancy arm of MEED, provides premium intelligence to enable you to make informed decisions critical for your businesses.

Capitalising on our company’s heritage and core assets together with our team of experienced consultants, we provide you with the right tools to help grow your business not only within the regional economies but also beyond the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our service offerings are underpinned by the fundamental emphasis of value creation and are tailored to the needs of individual clients.


MEED Insight: Advisory Services


MEED Insight is extremely well placed to work with you on a wholly confidential basis, to deliver the actionable intelligence your business needs to flourish and grow. Through our robust consultancy services portfolio, we provide market research, business plans, feasibility studies and corporate strategy development studies to help you make more profitable and informed business decisions.


Premium Market Intelligence


MEED Insight reports provide value added analysis to grow your knowledge of the region's major sectors and markets. Gain an understanding of key drivers and challenges and identify future opportunities within these markets. Stay up-to- date with regional trends and access exclusive data, research and analysis in presentation-ready tables, graphs, charts and maps.

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Why MEED Insight: Find out now


With exclusive access to unparalleled data, analysis and key decision makers in the Middle East and North Africa, MEED Insight is committed to providing you with a solution that will meet your business requirements. Find out how MEED Insight can help you access and take advantage of our unrivalled market knowledge and gain critical business insight.