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MEED Insight

The Authority on Middle East Consultancy

MEED Insight is a bespoke service brought to you by MEED's top country and sector experts who provide actionable intelligence, data and analysis. MEED Insight brings together our data-rich archives and unique relationships with key business decision-makers across the Middle East.

To contact MEED Insight to discuss your research requirements, telephone +971 (0) 4 818 0300 or email MEED Insight today.

More research reports

Oman Report 1152x640

Oman Projects Market 2014 Report

A comprehensive forecast and assessment of the projects market in Oman

Qatar Report 1152x640

Qatar Projects Market Report 2014

A comprehensive overview of the region’s fastest growing projects market

Morocco Report 1152x640

Morocco Projects Market Report 2014

A comprehensive overview of the fast-emerging Morocco projects market

Mena Rail 1152x640

Mena Rail and Metro Projects Report 2014

A comprehensive overview of the major rail and metro projects in each country in the region

Saudi Arabia 1152x640

Saudi Arabia Projects Market Report 2014

A comprehensive overview of the largest projects market in the region

Mena Solar 1152x640

MENA Solar Energy Report 2014

An in-depth assessment of the fast-growing solar power market in the MENA region

Dubai Report 1152x640

Dubai Expo 2020 Projects Report

A comprehensive forecast and review of the Dubai Expo 2020 projects market


Mena Power Report 2013

An in-depth outlook of the Mena Power market up to 2020

Mena OIl and Gas 1152x640

Mena Oil and Gas Projects Report 2014

In-depth research on the MENA upstream oil and gas, downstream refining and petrochemical sectors, with a focus on the projects market

Consulting and advisory services

MEED Insight image

Market expertise with added value

Drawing on the knowledge and expertise of our dedicated and experienced team of regional experts, MEED Insight, can provide you with valuable knowledge and data to help you make more informed business decisions.

Our services are used by a number of leading organisations and provide the necessary tools for senior executives to make accurate strategic decisions. MEED Insight will ensure your bespoke report delivers value and unmatched insight to support your strategic objectives.

The process

Before we can effectively conduct any project, we aim to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to accomplish and what your business objectives are.

MEED Insight can produce and deliver:

  • Sector forecasts
  • Market scoping and opportunity assessment
  • Data analysis
  • Market surveys
  • Evaluation and forecasting
  • Competitor analysis
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Joint venture partnership identification
  • Market growth potential
  • Pricing analysis
  • Supply and demand identification and much more

Exceptional Middle East and North Africa coverage

Our extensive knowledge of the MENA region will ensure you have the most reliable and comprehensive market coverage possible. MEED Insight will endeavour to provide you with access to a wealth of regional data, ensuring you can:

  • Plan and forecast for your business development
  • Access market potential and plan the use of resources
  • Gain insight on current and future prospects within a sector
  • Make profitable decisions based on key market intelligence

Contact the MEED Insight research team

To contact MEED Insight, please telephone +971 (0)4 364 2310 or email us with your enquiry - a member of the team will contact you to discuss your requirements during Middle East office hours.

Case studies

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For further information, or to discuss how MEED Insight can assist your organisation achieve its information objectives, please contact us today.

Thought leadership

MI Surveillance

Smart Surveillance in the GCC

Its benefits and key factors driving future investment

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building in the GCC

The path to making buildings in the GCC truly sustainable


Healthcare strategies in the Gulf 2014

A significant paradigm shift in healthcare delivery is taking hold in the GCC

Interview:Ed James

The MEED Insight team

Ed James

Edward James, Head of MEED Insight

A highly experienced researcher, analyst, writer, speaker and consultant on Middle East political, commercial and financial affairs

Sari Razzak

Sari Al Abdulrazzak, Senior Manager Subscription

Sari has several years of consulting experience, primarily in corporate strategy development

Omar H. Annous

Omar H. Annous, Senior Consultant

With a current focus on industrial projects and manufacturing, particularly the aluminium industry, Omar Annous has over four years experience working as a consultant

Ashwita Suvarna

Ashwita Suvarna, Senior Analyst

A research expert with over six years of experience, who covers global alternative energy, insurance and media

Jennifer M Aguinaldo

Jennifer M. Aguinaldo, Associate Consultant

An industry analyst with over 15 years of experience in journalism, research and editing

Melanie Noronha

Melanie Noronha, Senior Analyst

A research analyst focusing on finance and economics

Andrew Briganti

Andrew Briganti, Junior Analyst Subscription

Andrew has a focus on technological and market analysis