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MEED Insight premium market intelligence reports

The Middle East in 2030 survey

25 November 2014

What key trends will do most to define the Middle East economy in 2030?

Kuwait City financial district

The Middle East in 2030 Subscription Required

25 November 2014

What key trends will do most to define the Middle East economy in 2030?

Advertising: Terms & Conditions

November 2014 Online Content

MEED Advertising: Terms & Conditions

Conference Delegate Terms and Conditions

November 2014 Online Content

Conference Delegate Terms and Conditions

Sponsorship Agreement Terms and Conditions

November 2014 Online Content

Sponsorship Agreement Terms and Conditions

Awards Table Booking Terms and Conditions

November 2014 Online Content

Terms and Conditions for Table Bookings

Subscription Terms and Conditions

November 2014 Online Content

Subscription Terms and Conditions

Saudi BIG5

Grow your business in Saudi Arabia

17 February 2013

Saudi Arabia is the largest projects markets in the GCC with $52bn contracts awarded in 2012. With the government announcing in the budget that $219bn will be spent on existing and new projects, Saudi Arabia is open for business. Gain insight into the largest projects market in the region through:

Angus Hindley

Angus Hindley, 1965-2012

28 October 2012

It is with great sadness that MEED announces the death of Angus Hindley, MEED Research Director, who passed away suddenly on 22 October, aged 47


Libya election special report Subscription Required

8 July 2012

Following the overthrow of former leader Muammar Gaddafi last year, votes are being counted for a new national assembly


Arabian Power & Water Summit

6 March 2012

MEED’s Arabian Power & Water Summit (APWS) is the premier gathering of energy and water decision-makers in the Arab world. To register or download the brochure, visit

MEED Insight MENA Mining 2009 report cover image

MENA Mining 2009: A mixed picture for foreign investors

16 August 2009

A review of the Middle East and North Africa mining sector and assessment of the outlook for what is widely acknowledged as an under-developed industry.

MEED Insight GCC Aluminium 2009 report cover image

MENA Aluminium 2009: The region's rise as a global producer

2 July 2009

The Middle East is emerging as a significant region for primary aluminium production. In 2008 it produced 2.6 million tonnes of primary aluminium, accounting for around 6.5 per cent of world market share.

GCC Cement 2009: Facing up to over-supply

24 May 2009

Cement supply in the GCC is forecast to outstrip demand this year for the first time since 2005, according to the new MEED Insight report GCC Cement 2009.

GCC Wastewater 2009: The drive for capacity

3 May 2009 | By Karin Maree , Elizabeth Bains

Sewage treatment capacity will have to more than double over the next six years, according to new MEED Insight report GCC Wastewater 2009.

Outlook positive for Middle East steel

22 January 2009

The collapse in global commodity prices has cast a shadow over the regional steel industry. Here we present a white paper of MEED Insight’s report, free to registrants.

The GCC in 2009: Facing up to the downturn

29 December 2008 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

GCC economies will face sharp contractions in 2009, but a recovery is possible in 2010.

Is district cooling the answer to the Gulf's power demand?

15 October 2008

With billions of dollars being invested in real estate and a growing need to rein in spiralling power demand, district cooling has experienced rapid growth in the GCC over the past decade

Keeping GCC power and water supply ahead of demand

15 October 2008

With record economic and population growth, demand for power and water has never been greater, and GCC utilities are facing the most challenging time in their history.

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