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Top 100 Middle East Projects

Positive outlook for construction activity in 2013 as value of biggest projects planned across the region jumps 42 per cent

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Executive summary

  • The Middle East’s major projects market is gaining momentum with the region’s 100 biggest schemes currently under construction accounting for more than $304bn of capital spending
  • Activity in 2013 and beyond is set to increase with the top 50 projects planned or under way across the region valued at $1.56 trillion, a 42 per cent increase on the previous year
  • Government-funded infrastructure and energy projects in the leading oil and gas exporting states are driving growth
  • Transport schemes are the biggest single segment in the top 100 projects currently under construction
  • Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE are the three most active markets
  • The announcement of several new or relaunched real estate projects in Dubai suggests that the emirate’s construction market is poised to rebound

MEED has expanded its Top 100 Projects Report to provide a comprehensive and valuable assessment of current activity in the Middle East’s major projects market and three-year forecast.


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