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Latest economy news

UAE inflation hits three-year high Subscription

17 April 2014, 9:51 GMT | By

Inflation in March seen at 1.9 per cent driven by rising housing and utilities costs

Algeria holds presidential election Subscription

17 April 2014, 7:59 GMT | By

Polls opened on 17 April in what is being called a foregone conclusion for Algeria incumbent Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Sheikh Mohammed to visit Iran

15 April 2014, 19:58 GMT | By

UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed accepts invitation from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Up to 27 stocks could be included in emerging markets index Subscription

14 April 2014, 10:54 GMT | By

Inclusion of more stocks will drive higher weightings for UAE and Qatar

UAE issues new law to promote SMEs Subscription

13 April 2014, 10:30 GMT | By

Decree improves access to federal government contracts and provides tax breaks

Middle East and North Africa syndicated loans dip in first quarter Subscription

10 April 2014, 10:37 GMT | By

Borrowers review options, but credit growth forecasts remain healthy

Trial of Al-Jazeera journalists resumes in Egypt Subscription

10 April 2014, 9:13 GMT | By

Concern grows surrounding freedom of expression in country

Economic reform essential for region, warns IMF Subscription

10 April 2014, 8:26 GMT | By

Washington-headquartered IMF says regional economic growth was ‘tepid’ in 2013

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Economy trends

Power: Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin’s appointment was announced on state television

Riyadh presents a united front Subscription

3 April 2014, 15:00 GMT | By

The appointment of a deputy crown prince shows King Abdullah wants to end speculation about the Al-Saud family’s succession plans

Strained ties: Obama’s meeting with King Abdullah seems to have produced only modest results

US influence on the Middle East waning Subscription

3 April 2014, 14:18 GMT

Recent foreign policy initiatives have put Washington at odds with key allies in the GCC

The UK’s Carillion has been the main beneficiary of UK government funding support and has managed to win contracts on key Dubai projects such as the Dubai Trade Centre District

UK funding to play increased role in Dubai projects Subscription

26 March 2014, 10:37 GMT | By ,

Armed with strengthening support from London, UK companies will find themselves in a better position to handle the growing competition in the emirate

Gulf leaders have gathered in Kuwait for the Arab League summit being held on 25-26 March

GCC’s future hangs in the balance Subscription

25 March 2014, 8:46 GMT | By James Gavin

The withdrawal of ambassadors from Qatar earlier this month by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE will further set back long-delayed GCC joint initiatives

Switch: Prince Mohammed has taken over the leadership of Riyadh's strategy towards Syria

Riyadh tightens foreign policy Subscription

13 March 2014, 15:15 GMT | By

The kingdom has adopted a more forceful approach to diplomacy in a move to align its domestic and external policies aimed at fighting terrorism and extremism

Justice: Federalism should help redress some of Yemen’s economic imbalances, says a local party member

Unity through division in Yemen Subscription

6 March 2014, 9:43 GMT | By Peter Salisbury

Federalism could hold the key to maintaining political and economic stability in Yemen


Gulf economies face testing times Subscription

24 February 2014, 8:19 GMT | By

Although fiscal deficits loom over Gulf economies, their low levels of debt should help them through


Kuwait’s year of progress Subscription

20 February 2014, 14:45 GMT | By

A new parliament has meant several high-profile contracts have now been awarded in the country

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MEED comment

Sheikh Mohammed: Willing to end diplomatic dispute

Mending ties with Islamic Republic

17 April 2014, 13:20 GMT

Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammed, has agreed to visit Iran in a sign of thawing relations between the states

Prince Bandar bin Sultan

New policy heralds leadership change

17 April 2014, 13:13 GMT

Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy change likely one of the main reasons for intelligence chief’s resignation


SMEs to become more competitive

14 April 2014, 9:57 GMT | By

Several planned initiatives should improve conditions for SMEs


Iraq mine clearance slow to progress

10 April 2014, 15:20 GMT

Iraq’s ban on land mine clearance companies indicates its increasingly difficult working environment

Agenda: Obama flew to Riyadh to mend relations

US bid to mend damaged ties

7 April 2014, 15:26 GMT | By

Washington is looking to repair relations with key allies in the GCC, following its criticised decisions on Iran and Syria


Oman looks forward to a positive future

3 April 2014, 15:52 GMT | By

With the government rooting out corruption, Oman can focus on a concerted projects drive

Ports: Tenders have been issued for ports projects

Signs of a turn in Egypt’s fortunes

3 April 2014, 15:48 GMT | By

While new infrastructure projects indicate an improvement in Egypt’s economy, stability is still a key issue


Al-Sisi faced with daunting mission

27 March 2014, 14:23 GMT | By

If the ex-army chief is elected leader, he will have to ensure stability as well as a democratic government

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Special reports

Egypt's new cabinet

Egypt: New leadership and continuing challenges

20 March 2014, 12:46 GMT

Egypt has yet to solve its leadership crisis, but Army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s potential presidential candidacy could hark back to a Mubarak style of rule


Education: The GCC skills gap

11 March 2014, 11:52 GMT

Education has to be the bridge between the private sector and local candidates


MEED Guide to Doing Business: Seize the Iraq opportunity Subscription

16 February 2014, 9:20 GMT | By

This April, Iraq will hold its third round of parliamentary elections since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003


Delivering Dubai Expo 2020

27 January 2014, 6:46 GMT | By

Big bang beginning to a year of fresh starts


A Guide to Doing Business in Bahrain Subscription

11 December 2013, 6:08 GMT | By

Welcome to MEED’s Guide to Doing Business in Bahrain, the newest addition to MEED’s Business Guide series


Education: Training national workforce benefits, firms, the economy and society Subscription

14 November 2013, 14:30 GMT

Contractors lead the way for a changing workforce

Youth unemployment rate 2000-2016

Private sector targets local talent Subscription

14 November 2013, 11:56 GMT | By

International firms working in the region are becoming increasingly aware that investment in educating and employing nationals will improve their chances of winning work


Doing business in Oman Subscription

3 November 2013, 9:28 GMT | By

Welcome to MEED’s Guide to Doing Business in Oman


Healthcare: The GCC's hospital building boom Subscription

24 October 2013, 10:03 GMT

The Middle East is experiencing a boom in hospital and clinic building


Aviation & Airports: Passenger growth increases Subscription

10 October 2013, 9:23 GMT

Aviation passenger traffic is on the up in the region

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Arab uprising: Facebook gave power to protesters

The impact of the Arab uprisings on business growth Subscription

27 July 2011, 12:50 GMT

MEED’s webinar is a mid-year review that assesses the consequences of protests in the region on project plans

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Halim Hamed Redhwi

20 February 2014, 7:23 GMT

Halim Hamed Redhwi is CEO, Dhahran Techno Valley; professor at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Saeed Mohammed al-Tayer Subscription

27 January 2014, 12:44 GMT

Saeed Mohammed al-Tayer is managing director and CEO, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

Jeffrey Singer Subscription

27 January 2014, 12:37 GMT

Jeffrey Singer is CEO, Dubai International Financial Centre Authority

Helal Saeed al-Marri Subscription

27 January 2014, 12:25 GMT

Helal Saeed al-Marri is director-general, Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing

Hussain Nasser Lootah Subscription

27 January 2014, 12:19 GMT

Hussain Nasser Lootah is director-general, Dubai Municipality

Reem al-Hashimy Subscription

27 January 2014, 12:15 GMT

Reem al-Hashimy is UAE minister of state and managing director of the Expo 2020 Preparatory Committee

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Sudan: Debt management and resources mobilisation consultancy Subscription

21 March 2014, 20:14 GMT | By

Provision of consultancy services as part of a debt management and resources mobilisation project

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