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Kuwait: Database and electronic perodicals Subscription

10 April 2015 | By

Provision of database and electronic perodicals

Kuwait: Scientific equipment Subscription

9 April 2015 | By

Supply and installation of scientific equipment

Kuwait: Training plan services Subscription

8 April 2015 | By

Determining the training requirements of finance sectors and measuring training plan output

Saudi Arabia: College cleaning Subscription

4 April 2015 | By

Cleaning of colleges and institute facilities

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News and analysis

Unemployment among Saudi nationals and non-nationals

Riyadh’s demographic challenge Subscription

6 April 2015 | By James Gavin

The government will have to find a way of accommodating the concerns of a younger generation that is more independent-minded than its elders

Islamic studies

Qatar Social Infrastructure Project of the Year Subscription

22 March 2015

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS)

Doha wants to cut water waste and drive sustainability efforts

Qatar looks to develop energy-efficient technologies Subscription

10 March 2015 | By

Doha wants to cut water waste and drive sustainability efforts


Saudi industrial city developments progressing Subscription

9 March 2015

The kingdom is spending $11bn to develop downstream, housing and education facilities in the Eastern Province

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