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Special Report


Qatar banking: State spending boosts banking sector

27 November 2014

Qatar’s financial services sector is finally feeling the benefit of Doha’s acceleration in infrastructure spending as it prepares to host the Fifa World Cup in 2022.

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    Egyptian investors call for stability and reform

    27 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    Priority should be speeding up bureaucratic transactions

    Cairo in Egypt

    Public-private partnerships to fund $4bn of Egypt projects

    27 November 2014 | By Rebecca Spong , Edmund O'Sullivan

    The country is decentralising the process and tendering 19 schemes over the next two years

    Essebsi, leader of Tunisia’s secular Nidaa Tunis party, won 39 per cent of the vote

    December run-off for Tunisia election Subscription Required

    27 November 2014 | By Wil Crisp

    Secularist leader Beji Caid Essebsi narrowly beats rival

    Oman prepares for budget cuts

    Oman prepares for budget cuts Subscription Required

    26 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    Budget for 2015 will reduce spending on projects and social programmes

    Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and EU envoy Catherine Ashton

    Talks extended on Iran nuclear programme Subscription Required

    25 November 2014 | By Mark Watts

    Tehran and six world powers agree to resume negotiations in March

    Beji Caid Essebsi, leader of Nidaa Tounes and favourite to win Tunisia's first presidential elections since 2011

    Favourite emerges from Tunisia presidential polls Subscription Required

    23 November 2014 | By Wil Crisp

    Former regime official favourite to win first presidential election since 2011

    Bahrain holds parliamentary elections

    Bahrain holds parliamentary elections Subscription Required

    23 November 2014 | By Rebecca Spong

    First elections since 2011 protests

    Israel has been demolishing the homes of Palestinians involved in the attacks

    Tensions escalate in Jerusalem Subscription Required

    20 November 2014 | By Philippa Wilkinson

    Palestinians fear status of Al-Aqsa Mosque will be changed

    Baiji refinery

    Iraq forces break siege at Baiji refinery Subscription Required

    19 November 2014 | By Mark Watts

    Baghdad claims strategic victory as army regains ground from Islamist militants

    The number of passengers travelling to and from the Middle East is growing strongly despite the global slowdown in aviation travel

    Middle East air routes buck global slowdown Subscription Required

    19 November 2014 | By Rebecca Spong

    Regional economic growth underpins increase in passenger numbers


    No deal: Sanctions against Iran will remain in place for at least another seven months

    The stalemate continues for Tehran Subscription Required

    27 November 2014 | By Mark Watts

    The window of opportunity may be closing for an agreement on Iran’s nuclear programme

    Saudi oil production and brent crude price

    Riyadh in strong position ahead of Opec meeting Subscription Required

    18 November 2014 | By Kevin Baxter

    Saudi Arabia showing no signs of cutting oil production despite falling prices

    WEF Think Tank launch

    World Economic Forum launches global think-tank Subscription Required

    11 November 2014 | By Lara Golden

    Think-tank communities becoming increasingly important element of global policymaking

    Sucessful election: The country’s high standards of education could have contributed to its quick transition

    Still springtime in Tunisia Subscription Required

    6 November 2014 | By Wil Crisp

    Tunisia’s fragile democratic transition proves democracy can follow revolution

    Nidaa Tounis supporters celebrate the parties election victory

    Secularists triumph in Tunisia’s landmark vote Subscription Required

    30 October 2014 | By Wil Crisp

    Another hurdle has been cleared in Tunisia’s journey to democracy, but the future is still uncertain

    Lama Qussas

    Nurturing Palestine’s young talent Subscription Required

    16 October 2014 | By Richard Thompson

    In response to high levels of youth unemployment and the growing influence of radical Islam, the Palestinian Authority wants to encourage innovation among young Palestinians

    Complex: If Turkish troops push into Syria without UN backing, it will be a test of international law

    Turkey joins coalition against Isis Subscription Required

    10 October 2014 | By Dominic Dudley

    There are risks in every direction for Ankara as it prepares to join the fight against Isis

    Rallying support: Yemenis watch Abdelmalek al-Houthi give a speech in central Sanna on 23 September

    Houthis make bold advance Subscription Required

    7 October 2014 | By Peter Salisbury

    The rebel group has extended its influence across the country, fearless of retribution from the state, and do not intend to withdraw any time soon

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