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Latest agricultural news & analysis

Alpen Capital appointed financial adviser for UAE fertiliser scheme Subscription

3 April 2014, 9:13 GMT | By

India’s Zuari Agro Chemicals plans to invest $900m in UAE diammonium phosphate plant in Ras al-Khaimah

World sugar output 2010-11

Oversupply dampens sugar outlook Subscription

3 April 2014, 8:13 GMT | By

Regional producers are facing low prices, slowing demand growth and new competition

Fishing attracts state backing in Oman Subscription

2 April 2014, 12:01 GMT | By

Agriculture, including the increasingly important fishing industry, is more important for Oman than any other GCC country and is enjoying huge government investment

Food security

Gulf must rethink Africa food investment

20 February 2014, 15:46 GMT

If Gulf countries can invest in Africa at the same time as growing food, they may get a warmer welcome  


Agriculture: Rethinking Gulf investment in African farms

17 February 2014, 12:50 GMT | By

To live in a GCC country is to rely on imported food

Looking beyond Africa for food Subscription

17 February 2014, 11:59 GMT | By

With some African investments mired in bureaucracy, Gulf governments are turning to Europe and the Americas in their search for food security

Mena selected agricultural production 2011

Bridging the food gap Subscription

17 February 2014, 9:32 GMT | By

All countries in the Middle East and North Africa region run large deficits in agricultural trade, including those that produce and export substantial amounts of food

Agriculture contribution to Saudi GDP 2008-2011

Bleak outlook for farming sector Subscription

18 December 2013, 7:18 GMT | By

A lack of water resources together with the Saudi government’s crackdown on foreign labour threatens the future of the kingdom’s agricultural sector

Abu Dhabi creates $27m agricultural fund to boost food security Subscription

16 December 2013, 8:00 GMT | By

Projects will include development of modern farming practices

Shale gas

Shale gas plans move forward

3 October 2013, 15:36 GMT | By

Although there have been no official announcements, large-scale production of shale gas is looking likely in Saudi Arabia

Demand: The Asian market is set to grow the fastest

US fertiliser capacity is rising sharply

3 October 2013, 15:33 GMT | By

GCC producers could face a downturn in the price of fertilisers later in the decade due to the US’ rapid increase in production

Market loss: A fall in US demand for fertiliser imports due to increased shale gas production could mean hard times for GCC exporters

GCC to lose US fertiliser market Subscription

3 October 2013, 10:55 GMT | By

North American shale gas production is fuelling a boom in fertiliser capacity building

Global fertiliser demand set to grow 1.8 per cent a year Subscription

23 September 2013, 8:09 GMT | By

GCC well positioned to benefit from fertiliser demand, as Asia forecast to be highest growth market

US shale gas boom could hit GCC fertiliser exports Subscription

23 September 2013, 7:40 GMT | By

North American revolution to grant US producers access to cheaper raw materials

Gulf fertiliser producers must diversify into phosphates, warns GPCA Subscription

23 September 2013, 7:40 GMT | By

Diversification of portfolios will enable GCC producers to withstand gas feedstock challenges

Qatar aims for realistic food production targets Subscription

18 September 2013, 11:08 GMT | By James Gavin

Instead of solely targeting self-sufficiency, the country’s new food security plan will focus on making strategic and sustainable investments

Farabi Petrochemicals decides product mix for Jizan plant Subscription

4 September 2013, 10:13 GMT | By

Proposed new facility will produce similar chemicals to sister plant at Jubail

Sabic affiliate awards Linde CO2 contract Subscription

21 August 2013, 7:40 GMT | By

German company to construct Saudi Arabia’s first CO2 utilisation plant

Rabat invests in food security Subscription

13 August 2013, 11:20 GMT | By Paul Melly

The impact of the 2012 drought on Morocco’s economic growth served as a reminder of the importance of the government’s efforts to modernise the farming sector

Syria wheat production

Catastrophe looms for Syria farming sector Subscription

1 August 2013, 9:29 GMT | By David Butter

The civil war has decimated agricultural production in Syria, with the problems affecting the farming community only likely to get worse

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