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Latest agricultural news & analysis

Cultivated area in Palestinian territories by governorate

Palestine looks to high-value crops Subscription

30 March 2015 | By James Gavin

Gaza’s farmers are looking to technology and strategic projects to revitalise an agriculture sector suffering from years of occupation

Oman is planning to establish the largest multi-purpose fisheries facilities in the Middle East

Oman to establish $250m Duqm fisheries zone Subscription

28 October 2014 | By

Central port chosen for largest multi-purpose fishing facilities in region

Algeria trade

Algeria: The region’s sleeping giant Subscription

1 July 2014

Algiers has struggled to deliver its manufacturing vision

Saudi Arabia’s Almarai to invest in Egypt Subscription

22 June 2014 | By

Dairy company Almarai announces $345m investment

State-owned company to build Egyptian wheat silos Subscription

9 June 2014 | By

Arab Organisation for Industrialisation to build 25 silos in North African state

UAE to fund construction of 25 wheat silos in Egypt Subscription

28 May 2014 | By

Two silo projects already awarded as GCC state tries to kick-start economy in troubled North African state

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