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Latest defence news


Qatar signs $7bn contract to buy 24 Rafale jets Subscription

5 May 2015 | By

Hollande and Sheikh Tamim sign deal in Doha

Qatar buys Rafale fighter jets

Qatar buys Rafale fighter jets Subscription

30 April 2015 | By

Deal includes firm order for 24 jets, with option for another 12

Tear gas

Demand for tear gas in the Middle East surges Subscription

13 April 2015 | By

One of the world’s biggest manufacturers says 2015 sales will break records

US Deputy Secretary of State Anthony Blinken

US to double military aid to Tunisia Subscription

13 April 2015 | By

Growing instability on Tunisia’s border threatens domestic security

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Arab states agree to form joint military force Subscription

29 March 2015 | By

Egypt’s President makes announcement following Arab league meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh

Political stability in Yemen is increasingly taking a hit, with Houthi rebels advancing on Aden, anti-Houthi protests raging on the streets and Saudi Arabia carrying out air strikes against the rebels

GCC launches military operation in Yemen

26 March 2015 | By

Unidentified warplanes bomb Sanaa as fears grow of wider conflict

Anti-Houthi protesters demonstrate in Yemen's southwestern city of Taiz on 22 March. Houthi fighters opposed to Yemen's president took over the city in an escalation of a power struggle

Yemen minister calls for Gulf military intervention

24 March 2015 | By

Yemen foreign minister warns of civil war and calls for no-fly zones to prevent Houthi rebel gains

Saudi Defence Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud (C) at a defence exhibition in February

Saudi Arabia now largest defence spender Subscription

8 March 2015 | By

Kingdom replaces India and is expected to invest even more in 2015

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Defence trends

Offshore oil security

Aramco prioritises security Subscription

20 November 2014 | By

Oil major plans raft of new measures for offshore assets


Defence: Middle East steps up military spending Subscription

5 November 2014

Military spending among the Gulf states has been climbing steadily over the past decade or so in response to changing geopolitical threats

Mena military spending aand personnel 2013

Gulf nations step up defence spending Subscription

2 November 2014 | By

The continuing conflict in Syria and the ever-present threat of domestic unrest mean the region’s governments will continue to ramp up military investment


Pushing back against Isis Subscription

2 November 2014 | By

While the US’ allies in the region have joined the coalition against Isis, each has a differing agenda on Syria. Meanwhile, Iran, the one country that could really help, is being ignored

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes Subscription

2 October 2014 | By James Gavin

Kingdom’s discomfort is clearly evident

Military police: Members of the kingdom's security forces will be housed and trained in the compounds

Security compounds Subscription

19 June 2014

The King Abdullah project aims to provide homes for security personnel

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Kuwait: Biological monitoring and chemical disinfection equipment Subscription

28 April 2015 | By

Supply of field analysis, biological monitoring and chemical disinfection equipment

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