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Latest defence news

El-Sharara oil field in Libya

Air strikes near Libya’s biggest oil ports Subscription

15 December 2014 | By

Forces affiliated with Libya’s elected government carried out air strikes near the country’s biggest oil terminals on 13 December as the struggle to control the country’s oil escalated.

UK warship

UK to establish navy base in Bahrain Subscription

7 December 2014 | By

Mina Salman base will be first permanent presence in the region since 1971

Lebanese army

Lebanese soldiers killed in border ambush Subscription

4 December 2014 | By

Lebanese army targeted by Islamist attacks

France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said the arms would enable the Lebanese military to “carry out its mission to defend the territory and combat terrorism, while [the country] is under threat".

France and Lebanon sign $3bn Saudi-financed arms deal Subscription

6 November 2014 | By

Equipment expected to be delivered in early 2015

UK Prime Minister David Cameron meeting with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani

Qatar signs security agreement with the UK Subscription

3 November 2014 | By

Deal will see increased cooperation between the countries’ intelligence agencies

Egypt and Sudan have agreed to support Libya's military as the nation’s parliament struggles to retake control of the country’s two biggest cities

Egypt and Sudan agree to support Libya’s military Subscription

21 October 2014 | By

About 65 have died so far in battle to take control of Benghazi

Libya's prime minister, Abdullah al-Thinni, has accused Qatar of arming Islamist militias

Libya accuses Qatar of arming Islamists Subscription

16 September 2014 | By

Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni says planes delivered weapons to militias

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Defence trends

Mena military spending aand personnel 2013

Gulf nations step up defence spending Subscription

2 November 2014 | By

The continuing conflict in Syria and the ever-present threat of domestic unrest mean the region’s governments will continue to ramp up military investment


Pushing back against Isis Subscription

2 November 2014 | By

While the US’ allies in the region have joined the coalition against Isis, each has a differing agenda on Syria. Meanwhile, Iran, the one country that could really help, is being ignored

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes Subscription

2 October 2014 | By James Gavin

Kingdom’s discomfort is clearly evident

Military police: Members of the kingdom's security forces will be housed and trained in the compounds

Security compounds Subscription

19 June 2014

The King Abdullah project aims to provide homes for security personnel

Qatar Armed Forces

Doha to ramp up defence spending Subscription

14 April 2014 | By

Qatar has introduced compulsory national service alongside a steep rise in defence spending in a bid to expand and modernise its relatively small armed forces

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Kuwait: Marine base operation Subscription

3 January 2015 | By

Operation of a marine base

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