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Latest defence news

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a speech to members of the Indian expatriate community in the UAE at the Dubai Cricket Stadium on 17 August

UAE and India agree cooperation plan Subscription

18 August 2015 | By

UAE pledges $75bn fund targeted at India’s roads, ports and rail infrastructure


Turkey calls Nato meeting on Syria Subscription

27 July 2015 | By

Instability spills over Syrian border


Saudi Arabia arrests 431 Isis suspects Subscription

20 July 2015 | By

Six suspects were killed in security operations

F-16 jets: Part of a $1.3bn arms package to Egypt

First F-16 deliveries arrive in Iraq Subscription

14 July 2015 | By

US-trained Iraqi pilots land first batch of long-delayed warplanes at Al-Balad air base

US Secretary of State John Kerry

Iran talks deadline extended Subscription

8 July 2015 | By

Vienna talks may reach resolution by end of week

Tunisia shooting

Tunisia declares state of emergency Subscription

5 July 2015 | By

More attacks targeting strategic sectors possible

Nominal defence spending is estimated to have risen by close to 40 per cent since 2010 in the region

Saudi Arabia and UAE buck decline in global defence spend Subscription

23 June 2015 | By

Global aerospace and defence revenue decline by $8.2bn in 2014

Airbus Caracal helicopter deal

Kuwait set on $1.1bn arms deal Subscription

14 June 2015 | By

Kuwait is planning to buy helicopters from French company

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Defence trends

The main casualty in Saudi Arabia will be large-scale downstream projects such as petrochemicals facilities and new oil refineries

Saudi defence spending rises while oil income drops Subscription

17 June 2015 | By

Even though low oil prices mean Riyadh will earn less hydrocarbons revenue, the authorities are still focused on increasing defence investment and maintaining social spending

Largest defence budgets 2014

Joint Arab force gains traction Subscription

14 April 2015 | By

Critics warn that a pan-Arab military force runs the risk of becoming a Sunni-led regional superpower unless properly governed

Saudi Arabia army

Running the risk of war Subscription

14 April 2015 | By

A joint Arab military force is a positive move, but could still lead to war

Offshore oil security

Aramco prioritises security Subscription

20 November 2014 | By

Oil major plans raft of new measures for offshore assets


Defence: Middle East steps up military spending Subscription

5 November 2014

Military spending among the Gulf states has been climbing steadily over the past decade or so in response to changing geopolitical threats

Mena military spending aand personnel 2013

Gulf nations step up defence spending Subscription

2 November 2014 | By Dominic Dudley

The continuing conflict in Syria and the ever-present threat of domestic unrest mean the region’s governments will continue to ramp up military investment


Pushing back against Isis Subscription

2 November 2014 | By Dominic Dudley

While the US’ allies in the region have joined the coalition against Isis, each has a differing agenda on Syria. Meanwhile, Iran, the one country that could really help, is being ignored

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes

Riyadh reluctantly joins Isis air strikes Subscription

2 October 2014 | By James Gavin

Kingdom’s discomfort is clearly evident

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