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Manufacturing projects news

Peugeot-Morocco deal

Peugeot Citroen to build $632m factory in Morocco Subscription

21 June 2015 | By

French carmaker signs an agreement with Morocco’s industry minister

Emaar the Economic City signs new funding deal for King Abdullah Economic City

Saudi economic city completes Industrial Valley Subscription

4 June 2015 | By

Eight factories already operating at manufacturing hub in King Abdullah Economic City

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Market news

Tighter profit margins expected for Iranian car manufacturers

Tehran Stock Exchange loses nuclear deal gains Subscription

5 October 2015 | By

Iran share index trading at 6.5 per cent below the start of the year

Oman investment merger approved

Oman fund to buy ceramics stake Subscription

22 September 2015 | By

Stakeholder’s board agrees to sale

German auto manufacturer Daimler

Mercedes-Benz to reopen Tehran office and sign production deal Subscription

2 August 2015 | By

German automaker to produce cars and commercial vehicles

Value of UAE construction sector tops 2008 peak

UAE non-oil sector activity cools down Subscription

5 July 2015 | By

Private sector on growth path but could do better

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Manufacturing trends

Vehicles in use 2013

Open road for car manufacturers Subscription

26 May 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Vehicle sales are growing fast across the region, not least luxury brands

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Suhail Mubarak Bin Athaeeth al-Ameri Subscription

Suhail Mubarak Bin Athaeeth al-Ameri chief executive officer of The General Holding Corporation (Senaat)

Reginald Randall Subscription

Reginald Randall is CEO, Masafi UAE

Talal al-Shair

Talal al-Shair is vice-chairman Tasnee and chairman and CEO Cristal

Mustafa Gorgunel Subscription

Mustafa Gorgunel is general manager, Union Cement Norcem Company

Bruno Carre Subscription

Bruno Carre is managing director, Suez Cement Company

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