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Telecoms & IT

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Telecoms & IT news

No voting rights for Etisalat’s foreign shareholders

Etisalat shares respond positively to corporate amendment Subscription

20 August 2015 | By Joanna Justin

Non-UAE investors will be allowed to own up to 20 per cent of shares

Network cable with fibre optics

Qatar sets precedent for high-speed mobile internet Subscription

11 August 2015 | By

Major upgrade will allow theoretical data transfer rate of up to 375 mbps

Fixed telephone

UAE fixed-line market opens up Subscription

6 August 2015 | By

Nationwide competition for fixed-line between Etisalat and Du commenced in July

Building information modelling

Kuwait Public Works Ministry to implement BIM Subscription

4 August 2015 | By

Tender open to all companies specialising in modelling and registered with central IT authority

Oman to tender green data centre

Oman to tender green data centre Subscription

1 July 2015 | By

Tier 3 facility to comply with international standards

Telecoms company Etisalat of the UAE

Mobily troubles hit Etisalat profits Subscription

30 June 2015 | By

Saudi telecoms company restates 2014 results

Kuwait boosts security for oil sector

Kuwait to upgrade defence data centre Subscription

30 June 2015 | By

State’s security infrastructure needs to be modernised in the wake of mosque attack


Du eyes 5G deployment by 2021 Subscription

16 June 2015 | By

Firm to deploy latest mobile network technology as soon as prototype approved

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Telecoms & IT trends

Artist's impression of Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City

What is a smart city? Subscription

24 August 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Outlining the critical elements and indicators that make a city smart

Dubai pursues smart grids

Dubai pursues smart grids Subscription

24 August 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Dubai’s power and water provider aims to improve networks with a modernisation programme


Complex issues confront smart city projects Subscription

24 August 2015 | By

Translating smart city concepts into executable projects requires careful planning from government and developers, and participation of consultants and technology suppliers

Efficient: Siemens’ H-class turbine can produce power for a city of up to 1.3 million people

New generation of gas turbines drive down costs Subscription

15 July 2015 | By

Governments in the Middle East and North Africa are actively pushing to replace simple-cycle gas turbines with more efficient and environment-friendly combined-cycle turbines

Leadenhall Building: BIM software allowed the contractor to build the tower virutally multiple times

Revolutionising building design Subscription

29 June 2015 | By Bernadette Ballantyne

Building information modelling has wide-ranging implications

Vodafone Qatar: The operator is one of the new firms on the MEED 100

MEED 100 largest listed companies: Telecoms Subscription

24 March 2015

There has been strong growth in the value of the telecoms sector in the MEED 100 since last year

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Special reports

The Silicon Park at Dubai Silicon Oasis will have lighting systems that respond to traffic and pedestrians

The challenges to becoming a smart city

24 August 2015 | By Dominic Dudley

Clever use of technology could make cities more efficient and perhaps improve the quality of life for residents too, but it is not going to happen overnight


Smart societies are becoming a reality Subscription

8 December 2014 | By Bernadette Ballantyne

Cities in the Gulf are realising the benefits of embracing the multitude of technologies that enable smarter and more responsive infrastructure and experiences. Government bodies in the UAE, in particular, are moving from individual initiatives and silo thinking to strategic planning and coordination. In Dubai, for example, there are about 1,000 projects in the smart city programme being managed by an inter-agency government task force. Initiatives include programmes covering smart ...


Telecoms: Operators move to protect market share Subscription

8 October 2014

Faster download speed, improved connectivity and stronger customer service will be key demands

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MEED comment


El Seif Group logo

El-Seif Group Subscription

El-Seif Group commenced operations in Saudi Arabia in 1951 with interests in engineering, development, healthcare, defence and security


Elsewedy Electric Subscription

Egypt-based company that has a number of firms under its ownership, and specialises in the supply, installationand commissioning of overhead transmission lines and substations

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Keither Fenner

Keith Fenner Subscription

10 September 2014

Keith Fenner is senior vice president, sales, Sage ERP Africa and head of Sage Middle East

Rafiah Ibrahim Subscription

12 July 2014

Rafiah Ibrahim is president and head of region Middle East and North East Africa at Ericsson

Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar Subscription

22 September 2013

Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar is Chief executive officer (CEO), Etisalat

Taj el-Khayat Subscription

16 September 2013

Taj el-Khayat is general manager for the Middle East and North Africa region, Riverbed Technology

Bashar Bashaireh Subscription

16 September 2013

Bashar Bashaireh is senior regional director for the Middle East and Pakistan, Fortinet

Ihab Ali Subscription

16 September 2013

Ihab Ali is technical head of regional security and defence, Dell

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