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30 June 2014 | By

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Mobily secures funding backed by Canada’s export credit agency Subscription

29 June 2014 | By

Ten-year Mobily financing is sharia-compliant

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25 June 2014 | By

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Etisalat issues $4.3bn bond Subscription

16 June 2014 | By

UAE operator raised $1.35bn more than originally targeted

Etisalat plans bond issue Subscription

28 May 2014 | By

UAE operator could use the proceeds to help fund acquisition of Maroc Telecom stake

Saudi Telecom Company launches $1.3bn sukuk programme Subscription

21 May 2014 | By

Kingdom’s largest operator will sell Islamic bonds through private placements

Etisalat to sell West African businesses to Maroc Telecom Subscription

5 May 2014 | By

Moroccan operator will pay $650m for Etisalat’s operations in six countries

Zain Group’s profit grows 8 per cent Subscription

22 April 2014 | By

Zain Group’s data represented 15 per cent of the Kuwaiti operator’s revenues

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Telecoms trends

Qatar telecoms industry Subscription

5 June 2014

Since opening up its telecoms market to competition in 2006, Qatar has forged ahead with developing its infrastructure and services

March contract awards

Middle East contracts awarded: March 2014 Subscription

17 April 2014

Over $12bn of contracts awarded in March in the Middle East

MEED top 100 listed companies 2014: Telecoms Subscription

30 March 2014

Together, the five largest operators in the telecoms sector have a market capitalisation of about $100bn

Telecoms industry in Iraq Subscription

16 February 2014

Iraq’s telecoms sector has grown rapidly since 2003, when mobile services were unavailable

Doha forges ahead with telecoms development Subscription

22 January 2014 | By Tom Pepper

Developing and improving network infrastructure is the priority now Qatar has successfully introduced competition into the telecoms industry over the past eight years

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Telecom Egypt logo

Telecom Egypt Subscription

Egypt’s telecommunications operator, Telecom Egypt currently controls Egypt’s only fixed line network

Nawras logo

Nawras Subscription

Nawras is an Omani communications provider owned by Ooredoo and listed on the Muscat Stock Market

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Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar Subscription

Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar is Chief executive officer (CEO), Etisalat

Zohra Derdouri Subscription

Zohra Derdouri is President, Algerian Post and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Ali Kahlane Subscription

Ali Kahlane is President, Algerian Association of Internet Providers

Moussa Benhamadi Subscription

Moussa Benhamadi is Post, IT and Communications Minister, Algeria

Tamer el-Mahdy Subscription

Tamer el-Mahdy is chief executive officer, Orascom Telecom Algerie

Joseph Ged Subscription

Joseph Ged is chief executive officer, Nedjma

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Iraq: Microwave telecommunications system Subscription

18 July 2014 | By

Supply and installation of a microwave telecommunications system between a power station and a deport for a crude oil pipeline

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