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Rail in Jordan

Jordan invites investors for $300m rail project

7 October 2015 | By

THe 32-kilometre line will have 12 stations

Doha metro train

Doha to start metro tests in 2016

7 October 2015 | By

First phase is due for completion in 2019

Cairo Metro

Cairo Metro explores PPP with banks Subscription

7 October 2015 | By

Egypt has no prior experience with private financing for transport schemes

From our Experts

Colin Foreman

Metro spending is key Saudi construction in 2016 Subscription

10 September 2015 | By

If upcoming schemes slow down then construction work in the kingdom will grind to a halt

More News & Analysis

Progress with PPP projects is of particular importance in Kuwait's utility sector

Private finance not a cost-cutting solution Subscription

6 October 2015 | By

Government entities need political will to carry out PPP projects

Support: Bahrain will become more dependent on Saudi Arabia if oil prices remain low

Bahrain to decide on rail before end 2015 Subscription

6 October 2015 | By

Light rail project study also planned

Tehran metro

Iran requires funding for metro expansion

6 October 2015 | By

3,000 metro cars required to meet rising demand over the next 10 years

Light rail: Atkins is using BIM to develop metros

UAE railway law ready next year

6 October 2015 | By

The FTA is the overriding regulator of all railway and metro schemes across the UAE

Manama financial district in Bahrain

Bahrain prepares to invite light rail consultancy bids

6 October 2015 | By

Work will involve reviewing earlier studies

Mina near Mecca in Saudi Arabia

Mecca metro awards expected before end 2015 Subscription

6 October 2015 | By

Officials say there is an urgent need to carry out project

First contract of Qatar's long-distance railway involves 146 kilometres of line

Kuwait to tender railroad and metro schemes Subscription

6 October 2015 | By

Procurement for long-delayed PPPs estimated to commence in early 2016

Qatar receives Siemens trams

Egypt studies new tram line Subscription

5 October 2015 | By

The new line will be 12 kilometres long with 17 stations

High-speed train

Long-term forecasting key to rail success

5 October 2015 | By

Long-term life cycle costs key deciding factor for choice of supplier for $8.9bn UK rail scheme

Rail network

Rising fossil fuel use presents policy challenges for the Middle East

5 October 2015 | By ,

Demand for fossil fuel will continue to rise in transport sector

Cairo Metro

Egypt considers PPP for future metro projects Subscription

5 October 2015 | By

France provided $1.5bn of financing for Cairo’s metro network between 1979 and 2012

Traffic: The Cairo Metro currently transports about 3 million people a day

Cairo presses ahead with Line 4 of metro

5 October 2015 | By

National Authority for Tunnels also recently launched signalling tender for Line 3


Transport ministers to review GCC rail timeline

5 October 2015 | By

Ministers meet next week to discuss rail timeline and design

Etihad Rail awards employee housing deal

UAE highlights achievements in sustainable transport

5 October 2015 | By

UAE has made policy adjustments to achieve sustainable targets

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