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Banking & Finance Special Reports

Banking and finance

Project finance volumes slump

10 March 2015

With depressed oil prices, the prospect of project finance volumes recovering to the levels seen in 2007 for a sustained period is remote

Opec secretary-general Abdullah al-Badri

Opec sets the tone for 2015

15 December 2014 | By Richard Thompson

Regional producers are not about to cut oil production and the assumptions that have underpinned forecasting in recent years have to be revisited

Stock market

MEED 100: The region's largest listed companies

25 March 2015

There have been a few big new entries


MEED 100: The region's largest listed companies Subscription Required

27 March 2014

The financial services sector remains the dominant force in the MEED 100 table, with Saudi banks comprising the bulk of firms in the sector

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