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Supplements Calendar

MEED supplements cover many industry sectors and countries across the Middle East. Find the right supplement for your business and discover a wealth of advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Middle East Industry Report


Middle East Industry Report: Region seeks to boost jobs Subscription Required

1 July 2014

Efforts are under way to drive job creation through industrial diversification

Middle East Economic Review


MEED's Middle East Economic Review 2014 Subscription Required

23 June 2014 | By Richard Thompson

Opportunities emerge from regional crises

Kurdistan Projects


Kurdistan Projects 2014

28 May 2014 | By Dominic Dudley

Housing and industry lead the projects market in Iraqi Kurdistan

GCC Construction


A Guide to GCC Construction Subscription Required

4 May 2014 | By Richard Thompson

Resources tighten on construction sector rebound

Lafarge - Egypt Urban Development


Rethinking Egypt's cities

4 May 2014

Egypt rises to the urban development challenge

The MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2014 - National Winners

MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2014

The MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2014

1 April 2014

Focusing on brilliance in project delivery

Qatar Projects 2014


Qatar Projects 2014: The clients driving a $285bn market Subscription Required

3 March 2014

Window of opportunity opens in Qatar market

A Guide to Doing Business in Iraq


MEED Guide to Doing Business: Seize the Iraq opportunity Subscription Required

16 February 2014 | By Richard Thompson

This April, Iraq will hold its third round of parliamentary elections since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s regime in 2003

Delivering Dubai Expo 2020


Delivering Dubai Expo 2020

27 January 2014 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

Big bang beginning to a year of fresh starts

Guide to Doing Business in Bahrain


A Guide to Doing Business in Bahrain Subscription Required

11 December 2013 | By Richard Thompson

Welcome to MEED’s Guide to Doing Business in Bahrain, the newest addition to MEED’s Business Guide series

Gas to Liquids


GTL in Focus: Sasol and Shell explore new markets

3 December 2013 | Updated: 3 December 2013 | By Richard Nield

The success of Qatar’s Oryx GTL and Pearl GTL projects has led to a renewed interest in gas-to-liquid (GTL) investments, and the companies behind these plants – Sasol of South Africa and the UK/Dutch Shell Group – are now eyeing new opportunities in markets much further afield

NOC Review


A new era for Mena national oil companies Subscription Required

10 November 2013

The Gulf accounts for 45 per cent of oil reserves and about a quarter of all oil production worldwide

On Track: Regional Rail Projects


Middle East rail revival gathers pace in 2013 Subscription Required

28 October 2013 | By Rebecca Spong

This year has been a turning point for the Middle East and North African rail market as the region’s ambitions to build metro systems and overland rail networks start to become a reality

Guide to Doing Business in Oman


Doing business in Oman Subscription Required

3 November 2013 | By Richard Thompson

Welcome to MEED’s Guide to Doing Business in Oman



Engineering, Procurement & Construction 2013: Tapping the region's community

9 October 2013

Welcome to Engineering, Procurement & Construction in the Middle East, sponsored by Arabtec and Samsung Engineering

Saudi Arabia Megaprojects

Saudi Arabia megaprojects

Saudi Arabia Megaprojects: Riyadh lays groundwork for continued spending Subscription Required

11 September 2013 | By Matthew Martin

Over the past decade, Saudi Arabia has gone through a period of dramatic change

MEED Guide to Economic Zones


Investment zones provide boost to region’s economies

12 August 2013 | By Richard Thompson

The Middle East’s first free zone opened at the Jordanian port of Aqaba in 1973

MEED Guide to Economic Zones: Full Supplement

South Korea

South Korea

The story behind South Korea's success in the Middle East

27 June 2013 | By Kevin Baxter

In May 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud met South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries

South Korea: Full Supplement

Middle East Economic Review

Middle East economy

Middle East Economic Review 2013 Subscription Required

30 June 2013 | By Richard Thompson

Region’s rich and poor states face similar challenges

Middle East Economic Review: Full Supplement

Turkey and the Middle East


Turkey grows at home and abroad

4 June 2013 | By Richard Thompson

In 2022, the Turkish republic will celebrate its centenary

Turkey and the Middle East: Full Supplement

Etihad Railway


Etihad Railway sets example for region

30 May 2013 | By Richard Thompson

The lack of rail infrastructure in the GCC reflects the way the region’s economy has developed

Etihad Railway: Full Supplement

Abu Dhabi's Western Region


Abu Dhabi set to bolster Western Region economy

20 May 2013 | By Mark Watts

Situated in Arabia’s Empty Quarter, Al-Gharbia is, by far, the UAE’s most sparsely-populated region

Abu Dhabi Projects: Full Supplements

Middle East Construction Leaders


Middle East construction leaders 2013

12 May 2013 | By Richard Thompson

Few industries can match construction for excitement and a sense of achievement

Middle East Construction Leaders: Full Supplement



Africa: the next investment frontier

22 April 2013 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

The potential for growth in bilateral trade between Africa and the Middle East is the subject of this special supplement published by MEED in support of the Africa Global Business Forum, the largest event ever held in the GCC around doing business in the continent.

Africa: Full Supplement

Corporate Governance


Governance: GCC boardrooms move beyond box-ticking

21 April 2013 | By Richard Thompson

Corporate governance has never been so important

Corporate Governance: Full Supplement

Dubai Aviation

Airport illustration

Focus: Dubai aviation Subscription Required

7 April 2013

The 31 March 2013 is another important date in the history of Dubai’s aviation industry

Dubai Aviation: Full Supplement

MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013

MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013

MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013

31 March 2013 | By Edmund O'Sullivan

A celebration of world-class work

MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2013: Full Supplement

Iraq Projects

Iraq projects

Iraq: A regional giant emerges Subscription Required

20 March 2013

Welcome to MEED’s Iraq Projects Outlook 2013

Iraq Projects: Full Supplements

Qatar Megaprojects

Qatar megaprojects

Ambitious Qatar megaprojects surge ahead

13 February 2013

Gas-rich Gulf state pushes ahead with multibillion-dollar infrastructure schemes

Qatar Megaprojects: Full Supplement

Retail Report

Dubai Mall

Mixed outlook for regional retail sector Subscription Required

28 January 2013 | By Joanne Bladd

If the UAE is a bellwether for sentiment in the region, the outlook for the retail industry is bright

Retail Report: Full Supplement

MEED Yearbook 2013

MEED Yearbook 2013

MEED Yearbook 2013: Challenges ahead for Middle East economies Subscription Required

6 February 2013 | By Richard Thompson

The most worrying outcome of the political upheaval of the past two years is the widening wealth gap between the region’s oil producers in the Gulf and the large-population, oil-importer markets of North Africa

MEED Yearbook 2013: Full Supplement

Abu Dhabi Projects

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi projects sector is back Subscription Required

29 January 2013 | By Aaron Greenwood

Despite its vast oil wealth, Abu Dhabi has not been sheltered from the fallout of the 2008 global financial crisis

Abu Dhabi Projects: Full Supplement



Confidence returning to regional construction sector

3 December 2012 | By Richard Thompson

The announcement of the world’s biggest shopping mall being built in Dubai is a boost to the UAE

Construction: Full Supplement

MBA Executive Guide

MBA guide

Classrooms no longer just a place to learn

18 November 2012

Never before has education been so important to the region’s long-term policy objectives

MBA Executive Guide: Full Supplement



Wastewater in the Gulf to enjoy continued investment Subscription Required

22 November 2012 | By Bernadette Ballantyne

Some $20bn of spending is forecast in the GCC over the next three years, and projects are also progressing in North Africa

Wastewater: Full Supplement

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas report

Business as usual for Mena oil and gas sector Subscription Required

11 February 2013 | By Aaron Greenwood

The Middle East and North Africa is exploiting its hydrocarbons worth despite economic uncertainty

Oil & Gas: Full Supplement

Doing Business in Kuwait

Doing Business in Kuwait

MEED’s guide to doing business in Kuwait

4 November 2012

For many business people, Kuwait is one of the region’s sleeping giants

Doing Business in Kuwait: Full Supplement

Offshore Oil & Gas


Middle East takes its energy search offshore

22 October 2012 | By Kevin Baxter

The region’s oil and gas firms are hungry for new acreage and are investing heavily to find it at sea to meet growing global demand

Offshore Oil & Gas: Full Supplement

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia: A kingdom open for business

3 October 2012

Welcome to MEED’s guide to doing business in Saudi Arabia. It is almost a decade since MEED first published a business guide to the region’s biggest economy and much has changed.

Doing Business in Saudi Arabia: Full Supplement

Middle East Rail Revival

Rail illustration

Rail resurgence helps link Middle East Subscription Required

30 September 2012 | By Richard Thompson

At the turn of the millennium, few could have foreseen the resurgence in rail schemes that the region is witnessing today

Middle East Rail Revival: Full Supplement

Turkey and the Middle East


Turkey and the Middle East: Prudent policies shield economy from crisis

2 July 2012 | By James Gavin

Turkey has emerged strongly from the global downturn, but growth is expected to settle at a more sustainable level

Turkey and the Middle East: Full Supplement

Middle East Economic Review 2012


Middle East Economic Review: Optimism despite storm clouds gathering Subscription Required

27 June 2012 | By Richard Thompson

The outlook for the regional economy has become more complex

Middle East Economic Review 2012: Full Supplement

Doing Business in Qatar


MEED’s guide to doing business in Qatar Subscription Required

5 June 2014 | By Richard Thompson

It is an exciting time in the country’s development and there are very few places in the world changing as radically as Qatar

Doing buiness in Qatar: Full Supplement

Construction Costs


Pick-up in project activity predicted across the Gulf Subscription Required

16 May 2012 | By Ed James

There are plenty of signs to indicate that the GCC’s long-term prospects outweigh the short-term slump in contract awards

Construction Costs: Full Supplement



Tunnelling: Contractors see increase in work

26 April 2012 | By Bernadette Ballantyne

Rail schemes are the main reason for the surge in regional tunnelling activity, but water and road projects are also keeping firms busy

Tunnelling: Full Supplement

MEED Awards 2012 - National Winners

MEED Awards 2011

Gulf delivers impressive projects amid political unrest

MEED Awards 2012 - National Winners

National winners of the MEED Quality Awards for Projects 2012 will now pass through to the second round of judging

Full Supplement

Iraq Projects


Iraq Projects: The race to restore economic prosperity

Iraq Projects

After years of conflict, Baghdad could see investors queuing up for work if it can promise them stability and security

Iraq Projects: Full Supplement

Middle East Electricity 2012


Middle East Electricity 2012: Pressure remains on GCC utility providers Subscription Required

27 February 2012 | By Elizabeth Bains

With electricity demand forecast to almost double by 2020 and gas supplies tightening, alternative sources of power need to be explored

Middle East Electricity 2012: Full Supplement

Qatar Projects

Qatar projects

Qatar Projects: World Cup and National Vision drive ambitious projects market

2 February 2012 | By Richard Thompson

Few businesses operating in the Middle East can afford to ignore Qatar

Qatar Projects: Full Supplement

Executive Education Guide 2011


Executive Education 2011: Uncertainty stresses need for education Subscription Required

Executive Education 2011 | By Richard Thompson

Middle East governments have been prioritising the development of the education sector for several years, ploughing substantial investment into the construction of schools and the modernisation of curriculums

Executive Education Guide 2011: Full Supplement

Pearl GTL

Pearl GTL

Pearl GTL sets the standard for region Subscription Required

Pearl GTL | By Richard Thompson

Time and again over the past decade, Qatar has shown through a series of pioneering, world-scale projects its ambition and determination to establish itself as, not just a regional, but also an international leader

Pearl GTL: Full Supplement

Abu Dhabi Projects

MEED cover supplement Abu Dhabi Projects 20111104

Abu Dhabi: Delivering the vision Subscription Required

Abu Dhabi Projects | By Colin Foreman

Abu Dhabi’s long-term development plan sets out the emirate’s ambitious vision, but its delivery has been hit by global concerns

Abu Dhabi Projects: Full Supplement

Rail Supplement 2011

Rail supplement 2011

Gulf rail boom moves into full swing Subscription Required

Rail Supplement 2011 | By Richard Thompson

The launch in September of full operations on Saudi Railway Company’s 1,400-kilometre minerals railway comes as the Middle East and North Africa’s rail boom moves into full swing

Rail Supplement 2011: Full Supplement



Turkey: A model for the region Subscription Required

Turkey | By Richard Thompson

Turkey is growing increasingly vociferous about the Middle East

Turkey: Full Supplement

GCC Power Market Report 2010: Keeping pace with demand

GCC Power Market Report 2010: Keeping pace with demand Subscription Required

28 March 2010

The Gulf’s need to build new power stations remains as pressing as ever. Although the global economic recession of 2008-09 slowed the rateat which electricity demand is growing in the GCC, consumption is still climbing strongly.

GCC Power Market Report 2010: Full Supplement

Gulf Construction 2010: A regional projects guide

Construction workers on a building site

Gulf Construction 2010: A regional projects guide Subscription Required

16 March 2010

Most people working in the Gulf construction industry will have been glad to see the back of 2009 - a year that saw billions of dollars’ worth of projects put on hold, thousands of workers made redundant and contract payments delayed.

Gulf Construction 2010 : Full Supplement

Offshore Oil & Gas

Offshore oil & gas: Crossing new frontiers Subscription Required

Supplement: Offshore Oil and Gas | By Richard Thompson

The offshore oil and gas sector in the Middle East and North Africa region is entering a period of renewed growth

Offshore oil and gas: Full Supplement


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