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The MEED Yearbook Archive

Every year since 2008, MEED has published a review of the year past and a forecast of the year ahead.

MEED Yearbook


MEED Yearbook 2014: Infrastructure spending drives economic rebound

5 January 2014 | By Richard Thompson

Energy efficiency moves to the fore

    MEED Yearbook 2013

    MEED Yearbook 2013: Challenges ahead for Middle East economies Subscription Required

    6 February 2013 | By Richard Thompson

    The most worrying outcome of the political upheaval of the past two years is the widening wealth gap between the region’s oil producers in the Gulf and the large-population, oil-importer markets of North Africa

      MEED cover supplement Yearbook 20121216

      Yearbook 2012: Change that is set to continue Subscription Required

      MEED Yearbook 2012 | By Richard Thompson

      The consequences of the 2011 Arab uprisings are uncertain, but they will be far-reaching

        MEED Yearbook cover

        Yearbook 2011: Gulf region on the path to recovery Subscription Required

        Supplement: MEED Yearbook 2011 | By Richard Thompson

        Throughout 2010, the region’s economy has been recovering and as we come to the end of the year, the prospects for 2011 are bright, particularly for anybody operating in the Middle East

          Collage of regional flags in the Middle East

          Yearbook 2010: Growth prospects for the year ahead Subscription Required

          Supplement: MEED Yearbook 2010 | By Richard Thompson

          Despite the negative headlines over Dubai and its mountain of debt, most of the Middle East and North Africa appears set for a year of solid growth in 2010

            MEED cover illustrat

            MEED Yearbook 2008-09: The world's economic powerhouse Subscription Required

            16 December 2008 | By Richard Thompson

            By every statistical measure, 2008 has been a bumper year for the Middle East. The regional economy expanded strongly, by about 6 per cent over the year. Record oil prices, which averaged slightly above $100 a barrel for the year, delivered another year of record budget surpluses to the region’s oil producers.


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