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Abdullah bin AbdulAziz al-Rabeeah

Abdullah bin AbdulAziz al-Rabeeah is minister of health, Saudi Arabia

Abdullah bin AbdulAziz al-Rabeeah

Institution: Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health
Position: Minister of health

As the biggest investor in hospitals in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health currently has more than $3.7bn of projects under construction. Minister of Health Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Rabeeah has led the ministry since February 2009.

He holds a range of other positions, including being chairman of the Riyadh Paediatric Surgery Club and chairman of the board of trustees for the Saudi Council for Health Specialists. Al-Rabeeah also sits on a range of executive committees including the GCC Executive Board of Health Ministers and the National Health Insurance Council.

He completed fellowships in paediatric surgery in Canada’s University of Alberta and Dalhousie University and residencies in Riyadh and Canada, culminating in becoming chief resident at the University of Alberta Hospital in Canada in 1985. Al-Rabeeah has been licensed to practice medicine since 1981, having completed his internship at King Khalid University in 1980.

Tel: (+966) 1 212 5555

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