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Bahrain Tenders & Contracts


Bahrain: Bank branch works Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Jane Bishop

Design and build of fit-out works for a bank branch

Bahrain: Refractory, insulation and scaffolding services Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Jane Bishop

Provision of refractory, insulation and scaffolding services

Bahrain: Substation transmission substations Subscription Required

27 May 2015 | By Jane Bishop

Provision of transformer coverings at transmission substations

Bahrain: Housing construction (nine units) Subscription Required

26 May 2015 | By Jane Bishop

Construction of nine housing units

Contract Awards

Bahrain road project

Consultancy team wins Bahrain road scheme Subscription Required

4 May 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Project involves development of strategic North-South link

Middle East contracts March 2015

Middle East contracts awarded: March 2015 Subscription Required

15 April 2015

Over $6bn of contracts awarded in March in the Middle East

Bahrain resort

SSH wins Bahrain resort design Subscription Required

9 March 2015 | By Colin Foreman

Ras al-Barr Resort will be build south of the Durrat al-Bahrian development

Middle East contracts October 2014

Middle East contracts awarded: October 2014 Subscription Required

1 December 2014

Over $13bn of contracts awarded in October in the Middle East

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