Abdel Aziz al-Mansouri

Company: Sharjah Municipality

Position: Director of drainage department

Biography: Abdel Aziz al-Mansouri is director of the drainage department at Sharjah Municipality. He is directly responsible for managing the emirate’s sewage treatment plant in the Al-Saja industrial area, which became operational in 1978. Since then, the plant has been extended seven times to cope with rapid population growth.

Under the guidance of Al-Mansouri, the drainage department is working to improve network coverage within the city, expanding sewer lines to reach new residential developments.

It is also building centralised plants in other towns in the emirate with a population of more than 5,000, in a bid to reduce dependence on septic tanks.

As the Al-Saja treatment plant is still struggling to cope with the amount of wastewater generated in the emirate, Sharjah Municipality is planning to build a second facility, scheduled to be operational by 2012.

Contact: (+971) 6542 2774