The UK companies will spend 12 months preparing a transport plan for the Abu Dhabi metropolitan area, Al-Ain and the Western Region.

They will also develop plans for inter-regional, inter-Emirate and international passenger and freight movements.

The transport masterplan will support the aims of the Plan Abu Dhabi 2030 urban masterplan.

The study will be carried out over three phases.

The first will assess the issues and options in the first quarter of 2008, the second will evaluate these options during the second and third quarters, and the third, which will start in the fourth quarter, will set the implementation plan and timetable.

Abu Dhabi Municipality tendered for a similar study in 2006 that also included the design of a proposed light rail system.

However, Abu Dhabi Municipality’s study has been shelved after the emirate decided to create a new Department of Transport.

Previously, Abu Dhabi’s transport responsibilities were handled by local and federal government entities such as the General Civil Aviation Authority, the Department of Civil Aviation, the Department of Municipalities & Agriculture and the Sea Ports Authority (MEED 5:10:07).