The Abu Dhabi Centre for Housing and Service Facilities Development has invited contractors to bid by 10 February for an infrastructure contract at its Shamkha South development.

The contract involves a contractor building 80 kilometres of main roads, 270 kilometres of minor roads, and other infrastructure such as street lighting, storm water drainage, sewage systems, and electrical distribution networks.

Located on the Abu Dhabi mainland 50 kilometres south of Abu Dhabi Island, Shamkha South involves the development of 40 square kilometres of that that could eventually house up to 200,000 residents.

The design features large parks, shops, mosques, hospitals, health clubs and entertainment areas. The design will also feature a green belt running throughout the development, connecting parks with the city centre.

The masterplan consultant is the Abu Dhabi office of KEO International Consultants. The client is Abu Dhabi Municipality (MEED 13:3:08).