Adnan Abdul-Munim al-Janabi

Position: Chairman, oil and gas committee

Biography: Adnan al-Janabi, a politician and tribal leader, was named chairman of the parliamentary oil and gas committee on 10 February, as part of a deal between his Iraqi National Movement party and the Kurdish Coalition.

It is a position that he held previously during Saddam Hussein’s regime.

In 1996, he was elected to the Iraqi parliament and was made the head of the oil committee. Following the US invasion, Al-Janabi became a minister of state without portfolio in the Iraqi interim government in June 2004.

He resigned in January 2005 in protest at being handcuffed by US troops at a roadblock. He was re-elected to the Council of Representatives in the March 2010 elections.

Al-Janabi has a degree in economics from the University of London and another in petroleum technology from Loughborough University, both in the UK.

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